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An endangered cutie - the Numbat


This gentle Australian marsupial is unfortunately on our endangered list with less than 1,000 believed to exist. It has red fur and white stripes, standing up to 27 cm tall, weighing approximately 700 grams and has become endangered because of foxes and reduction in habitat. Numbats feed on termites and can consume 20,000 termites per day.

Concerted efforts to save this animal have meant that numbers have increased over the last few years (thank goodness) with animals living in the far south of Western Australia. Perth Zoo has a breeding program which is helping to stabilise the numbers of numbats.

The organisation, Project Numbat, is working to ensure these animals don’t make it to our extinct species list by collaring these beautiful animals so they can monitor where they feed and rest. Conservation programs are being carried out in conjunction with Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Perth Zoo and the Department of Environment and Conservation with areas created that are free from predators such as foxes.

If you want to help the numbat survive you can help by donating to Project Numbat  because every little bit helps.

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