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Are you exposing your pet to toxic substances?


We here at EarthFirst  love animals and over the years have had our share of dogs and cats. They give so much love and are usually considered an integral part of the family. So, if we worry about toxic substances in our human children’s toys and clothes, why wouldn’t we worry about these things in our pet products?  has tested over four hundred pet products including, toys, chews, bedding, leashes and collars. Not to alarm anyone (ok maybe that’s what this is for) but they found lead in one quarter of the products tested - 7% with a ppm count above government safety regulations for children’s products. 45% of all pet products tested had detectable levels of a toxic substance. This is, quite frankly, alarming. If this were an issue with our children, it would be on the nightly television news.

Toxic substances they tested for included lead, cadmium (a highly toxic metal), arsenic and mercury. Reading their list of what is toxic had my mouth in a constant ‘O’ of disbelief. We have included a few examples of what they’ve found:

  • An American produced ball and feather toy had 56 ppm (parts per million) of lead.
  • Cat and Mouse food and water bowl (Jo Sherwood Design) contained obscenely high levels of lead, cadmium and arsenic – a food bowl! Amounts in ppm were: lead 5,369, cadmium 175, arsenic 628 and mercury 42.
  • Ceramic Cat Bowl Melia Luxury Pet contained: lead 4,400, arsenic 351, and mercury 29.
  • Cinopelca brown collar contained high levels of lead at 532 ppm, and medium to low levels of arsenic and mercury at 75 ppm and 8 ppm respectively.

Unfortunately I could go on for pages, but you get the idea. It is a non-regulated industry, which requires regulation, and fast.

If you want to source non-toxic pet products we have a few links.

For toys visit:

Beds and clothes:

Collars and leashes: 

While researching this article I found there were limited suppliers and manufacturers of nontoxic pet products. If you know of any great companies we’ve missed, please let us know so we can spread the word. So it’s bye from us and a woof and meow to your four pawed cuties.

What do you think?