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Cards & Stationery

  • Import Ants- Elephant Dung Paper

    Import Ants- Elephant Dung Paper

    Import Ants bring to Australia high quality, handmade eco-friendly elephant dung paper and paper products manufactured by Maximus under the peace paper plan. By purchasing our products not only are you helping the environment by saving a tree but you are contributing to the care of the endangered Sri Lankan elephant. A percentage of sale proceeds go to the elephant orphanage, Millennium Elephant Foundation; affiliated with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).


    • Handmade eco-friendly elephant dung paper and paper products. Paper & envelopes, stationery, greeting cards, notepads and notebooks, childrens craft paper range, sheet paper.

  • Blue caravan

    Blue caravan

    Contemporary handmade, fair trade & ethical products, warmed by independent designers, artists and artisans.


  • Earthgreetings


    Earth Greetings - cards & paper goodies made with love and respect for our environment. Earth Greetings are printed carbon neutral in Australia, using vegetable based ink on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.


  • Almab


    Alma B: correspondence creates eco-minded, originally designed stationery products enabling friends and family to send and receive little parcels of happiness in their letterbox.


  • Ecobuys


    The online store features a range of eco friendly and green products.


  • Buy Eco Green

    Buy Eco Green

    BuyEcoGreen is an online store with an amazing range of genuine eco office, school and craft supplies for home, office or workplace. This includes Eco Bags and Mugs, and much more.

    We do the research, apply our environmental criteria, and source the best so that you can shop easily and responsibly. And it doesn't cost the Earth


    • Recycled Paper Bags, Sustainable Bamboo Bags, Organic Cotton Bags, Recycled PET Bags, Jute Bags, Biodegradable Cornstarch Mugs, Bioplastic Travel Mugs, Bamboo Travel Mugs, and more.

  • Grassroots EcoStore

    Grassroots EcoStore

    At Grassroots Ecostore we are passionate about bringing beautiful, chic, quality, sustainable and eco friendly products to our customers while offering these at great value!

    We do not want eco products to be seen as expensive or suitable only for a particular taste. Lets face it - the more eco products that are purchased by the community, the better is our health, the health and livelihhod of the producers, farmers and artisans and the health and sustainability of our planet.


  • EcoPaper


    Ecopaper is the ORIGINAL 100% TREE-FREE Banana Paper Company, specializing in Coffee Paper, Mango Paper, Hemp Paper, Sugar Paper and more!

    In 1989, EcoPaper, Inc. traveled to CostaRica and began the transformation away from tree used products and created a way to use post consumerand agricultural waste as paper using no chemicals, lesswater, and inks made from vegetable oil and soy. Less harmful tothe environment and petroluem free, Banana paper was born. EcoPaper, Inc. and Costa Rica Natural Paper now produceds 100%, tree-free, acid-free, eco natural paper and paperproducts from all natural fibers. We use fibers from Banana, coffee, Hemp, lemon andother exotic tropical agro industrial wastes .

    EcoPaper equates its success based on the company's ability to produce tree free paper products for use in all both private and professional sectors, while minimizing our impact of the Earth. With the respect of all that surrounds us, EcoPaper and our natural sustainable banana paper products use the bestavailable, least impactful technology to create for you, the consumer a environmentally friendly product that we all can be proud of.


    • Journals, paper reams, cover stock, art & sketch pads, envelopes, stationery & gifts, office and school paper supplies, notebooks.

  • We print it

    We print it

    We print it is committed to sustainable and renewable environmental printing solutions.


  • Ethical Gifts

    Ethical Gifts

    Ethical Gifts only stocks gifts which have a positive impact on the people who make them and do no harm to the planet. If you are looking for a unique hand crafted ecofriendly or fair-trade gift you will find it at Ethical Gifts


    • Soft toys, wooden toys, bags, stationery, home ware, recycled products, fairtrade products, cards,jewellery.