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Children & Babies

  • 321 Water

    321 Water

    321 Water is the most stylish way to stay healthy and hydrated. Simply fill 321 Water from the tap then plunge with one fluid movement to create freshly filtered and great tasting water.

    321 Water evolved in response to a growing social awareness regarding the environmental impact of bottled water.

    321 Water is the first BPA-free bottle to be manufactured in Australia.


  • Cheeky Wipes Australia

    Cheeky Wipes Australia

    Cheeky Wipes  the washable baby wipes. Cheeky Wipes are leading a bottom cleaning revolution for DISPOSABLE or WASHABLE nappy users.

    • Save money - at least $600 against disposable wipes 
    • Green Friendly - less landfill
    • Gentle on bottoms - no harsh chemicals, just water & fragrant essential oils
    • Hassle free - all in one kit, no extra wash loads or drying required

    Our washable wipes can be used with plain water for the first 6 weeks after birth. After that we recommend using 3-4 drops of essential oil to 250ml water (0.016% solution). They are also great for removing sticky meconium immediately after birth!


    • baby wipes, washable baby wipes, cloth baby wipes, reuable baby wipes, baby wipe soaking solutions, bamboo baby wipes, natural baby wipes.

  • St Kilda Mums

    St Kilda Mums

    We are a voluntary network of mothers who work together to collect and sort donations of baby and preschool children's clothing, toys, books and essential nursery equipment.

    These items are then re-distributed by Maternal and Child Health Nurses and Family Case Workers from social service agencies to families across the city of Melbourne, Australia.

    We believe that by reusing and recycling much loved babies and children's gear, we not only share the joy of motherhood with each other, but we save the earth's precious resources too


    • Visit their website to find out what products are available for recycling. Some include: toys, manchester for babies & children, cots, change mats, kids furniture, books etc.

  • Cheeki


    The Cheeki range consists of bottles for kids, mums, dads, adults, sports people, coffee guzzlers and soup connoisseurs - and everyone else who wants a healthy, environmentally friendly container to drink from. Our Products are all built from premium grade 304 18/8 stainless steel BPA-free (Bisphenol A) use non-toxic inks multi-use - reducing the amount of plastic heading to land-fill no inside lining


    • Kids Bottles, 500ml, 750ml and IL bottles, sports bottle, insulated bottles, coffee mug, flasks and shakers.

  • Organic School Gardens

    Organic School Gardens


    In May 2010, the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) launched the Organic School Gardens Program - a free organic gardening curriculum program available to all Australian primary schools and anyone with an interest in organic gardening.

    The program is designed for students aged 8 -12 years and provides practical support to schools with detailed lessons and accompanying teacher's notes for setting up and maintaining an organic school garden. Written and illustrated by Lyn Bagnall, author of highly acclaimed and twice-published gardening guide Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting.


  • Apivita


    Inspired by the honey bee APIVITA, believes in the power of nature to create pure, safe and nourishing products. They aim to promote sustainability through the whole product cycle and delivery.


    • Face, hair, body, aromatherapy, sun screen, man, certified organic babies and kids skin care products, travel and gift sets.

  • Alchemy / Akin

    Alchemy / Akin

    Discover naturally healthy-looking skin and hair with our range of natural skincare and natural hair care products for women, men and babies. With rich concentrations of natural, active botanical ingredients, including many certified organic, you can transform yourself naturally from top to toe.


  • Todae


    Large range of ecologically sustainable products and services from super efficient LED lighting to carbon offsets, eco homewares and energy & water saving products. Our range of eco products will help you to live life to its fullest and make a real and lasting difference Choose from over 2,500 products.


    • - Solar Power - Energy Efficient & LED Lighting - Business & Home Assessments - Energy Saving - Water Saving - Household Consumables (such as cleaning and body care) - Eco Baby & kids - Office Products and Stationery

  • Biome


    Biome Eco Friendly Store features Australia's greenest products including a wide range of ecologically friendly products to help us all make a difference to our planet each day and Biome makes it easy for you to support Australian small business in these tough times.. You'll find Natural beauty products, organic skin care, mineral makeup and cosmetics, organic baby wares, hand made fair-trade gifts made from the heart, BPA free reusable water bottles, non-toxic cleaning products, Bokashi compost systems and so much more. Shop in our two Brisbane eco friendly stores or shop online at our website


    • Eco Friendly Products, BPA Free reusable bottles, Organic Baby Range, Mineral Makeup, Natural Skincare, Non-toxic Cleaning Products , Earth Friendly Gifts

  • Organic Kama

    Organic Kama

    Embracing the powers of Premium Essential Oils, Botanicals and Carrier Oils to rejuvenate and feed skin, Organic Kama natural skin care is exquisite, effective and 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free. The Organic Kama range contains: Quality essential oils, floral waters, fruit extracts, vitamins and carrier oils to feed your skin.

    We are proud to say there is: No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate No Petro Chemicals No Harsh Detergents No Mineral Oils No Animal Testing No Animal Derivatives No Artificial Fragrances in any Organic Kama products.


    • Skin Care Range including: Facial Cleansers Facial Toners, Facial Moisturisers, Facial Scrubs, Body Care, Skin Care Regimes, Pregnancy and Mothers.