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Don't Contribute to Animal Cruelty- Boycott Puppy Farms


Hands up if you have a dog. If you do, then you are among the millions of people who are dog lovers and owners. I bet you pamper your puppy with hugs, kisses, walks and fresh food. Would you feel sick if you left someone to care for your dog and you came home to find it had been locked in a cage for two weeks lying in its own faeces and starving?

I will now ask you another question – do you know where your puppy came from?

For those of you who picked your puppy up from the place it lived, and you saw it with its mother, and that it was in a clean, safe environment, or you got yours from a rescued dogs’ home, then it’s likely you’ve done a great thing. If, on the other hand, you bought your dog from a pet shop or online ad, then you have likely received a puppy-farm pet. I hate to be the one to tell you, but you have just supported a horrific business that causes great suffering to animals in the sole pursuit of making money.

Puppy farms are in many first world countries and I will admit, not all treat their animals in the same way, however many keep the dogs in inhumane conditions and breed them until they are of no use, at which time they are killed. In disreputable farms, the bitches are constantly pregnant, which damages their health and quality of life. There have been investigative shows done on this, and many u-tube videos showing the disgusting way these animals are treated.

The dogs are kept in small cages, in their own filth, with little food and live with untreated illnesses including parasites. In a recent show I saw, the RSPCA raided a premises and even found dead puppies lying on the floor next to their mother.

These puppy farms continue to exist because laws are not tough enough to stop these abuses, and the councils, who are supposed to monitor premises with breeding licenses, don’t have the resources to police them properly. There is a movement in Australia called Oscar’s Law, which is campaigning to make regulations tougher for the dog breeders and for tougher penalties to be in place when these laws are not adhered to.

If you want to see an informative piece on this heart-breaking issue you can watch the 7.30 report which was produced in 2010. This had a somewhat positive ending as the RSPCA confiscated 190 animals from this puppy farm and took the owner to court. The operator was fined $155,000 and is banned for owning animals for ten years. However, some of the dogs confiscated from this operation had to be euthanized.

If you want a puppy, make sure you buy from a registered breeder and visit the premises first. One trick the dodgy puppy farmers use, is to meet you at a public place, to show you the dog. You can also buy from an animal shelter as many dogs are killed each year when homes can’t be found. You can help the RSPCA prosecute these repulsive breeders by donating at the RSPCA website.

Please think twice before purchasing your dog – do the research and buy with a clear conscience.

What do you think?