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The Ultimate Green Earth Guide


  • MacBeth Vegan Footwear

    MacBeth Vegan Footwear

    Super cool brand of 100% Animal product free footwear.


  • Arabella Ramsay

    Arabella Ramsay

    Melbourne fashion designer Arabella reworks vintage pieces into her garments to create sustainable items.


  • Reveal


    Reveal work with bamboo, hemp, jute, rubberwood and other recycled materials to created eco friendly items including hand bags, bamboo iphone and ipad covers, headphones, laptop bags. For every item sold they plant a tree!


  • Monkey & The Brown Man

    Monkey & The Brown Man

    Monkey & the BrownMan evolved out of a love for lifestyle fashion. we draw inspiration from an era of raw music, moustaches, muscle cars, and a growing youth population in revolt against institution. We support individualism, our philosophy is to bring you authentic alternatives to mainstream fashion, something unique, which can be supported indefinitely in terms of style-responsibility.


  • Edun


    Founded by Ali Hewson and Bono in 2005, Edun is a for-profit business with the aim of creating a global fashion brand, making beautiful clothing whilst committing to developing trade with Africa and encouraging others to do the same. Edun is based on a belief that style should have substance and while it has always sourced globally, as its business grows so does its production and work in Africa.


  • Gorman Organic Fashion

    Gorman Organic Fashion

    Lisa Gorman has been making Australian women look effortlessly stylish since the launch of her whimsical label, Gorman, in 1999. Lisa Gorman first launched her environmentally-conscious Organic basics range in 2007, made from fibres and yarns that are certified as organically produced or otherwise grown in the wild without using conventional farming methods. Gorman has been Carbon Neutral since 2008.


  • Amour Vert

    Amour Vert

    Amour Vert’s mission is to provide chic, sustainable, and high quality clothing to stylish, eco-conscious women at an affordable price. Amour Vert’s collections prove that it is possible to be both fashionable and environmentally responsible.

    Amour Vert seeks to influence a standard of fashion that is both beautiful and sustainable. This is novel in an industry where the beauty of fashion is colored by the environmental impact of its production.

    To achieve this standard, we carefully investigate the production process of our natural and organic fabrics to keep chemicals off of your skin and out of the soil. By manufacturing entirely in the USA, we strengthen and support our local community and at the same time lower the carbon footprint of our products. Furthermore, we pay great attention to inspecting and evaluating the factories of our manufacturing partners to ensure that we treat the earth and other people with respect and dignity.


    • Eco friendly fashion and accessories, recycled soda bottles, bamboo, dresses, tops and skirts

  • Epona Clothing

    Epona Clothing

    At Epona we're all about Fairtrade 100% cotton clothing. We supply it in all shapes and sizes and it's available blank or customised with your own design.

    Located in London.


  • The PachaMama Project

    The PachaMama Project

    Online boutique for ethically sourced handmade artisanal products from around the world.


  • Thunderpants


    Organic New Zealand made Thunderpants are cut to fit and built to last! The organic fibres are grown and spun in Indonesia then knitted, dyed, printed, and manufactured in NZ, making this a truly sustainable and eco-conscious product. All Thunderpants are packaged and mailed from the Thunderpants headquarters in Martinborough, New Zealand. Be proud and comfortable in NZ made organic undies. Thunderpants are Go They won\'t go up your Bum!