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The Ultimate Green Earth Guide


  • Apple & bee

    Apple & bee

    At apple & bee our aim is to make beautiful cosmetic, travel and baby bags without harming the environment. We use the finest materials such as certified organic.


  • Hopeless Lingerie

    Hopeless Lingerie

    Sumptuous vintage inspired undergarments incorporating fabrics such as silk, bamboo, chiffon and organic jersey.


  • Little Mouse Brown

    Little Mouse Brown

    The range includes easy to wash organic cottons which favour the vintage designs of florals, checks and polka dots.


  • Mista TJ

    Mista TJ

    Inspired from parents memories of music, culture and fun this urban classic range has been brought back to life to a new level, thru fashion. Australian owned and made. 100% Australian organic cotton, silk screened t-shirt collection along with sleek skinny pants and fitted wait coats.


  • Salvos


    Being thrifty is charitable as well as eco-conscious. The Salvation Stores stock a wide range of products as well as fashion for men, ladies, children and babies. Donations are also a wonderful way of giving back to the community and of not being wasteful. Someone


  • St Vincents de Paul Society

    St Vincents de Paul Society

    Shop for a better world. Or donate your unwanted clothes, home wares, toys or furniture to someone who will want it! Products: home wares, fashion, furniture, toys, baby and childrens wear, books.


    • Second-hand clothes for women, men, children and babies. Also home wears, furniture, and just about everything and anything you can think off!

  • Ethical Gifts

    Ethical Gifts

    Ethical Gifts only stocks gifts which have a positive impact on the people who make them and do no harm to the planet. If you are looking for a unique hand crafted ecofriendly or fair-trade gift you will find it at Ethical Gifts


    • Soft toys, wooden toys, bags, stationery, home ware, recycled products, fairtrade products, cards,jewellery.

  • Sorella & Me

    Sorella & Me

    sorella & me is a modern collection of maternity sleep and lounge wear.

    Using 100% organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard sourced from accredited Fair Trade farmers, ensuring comfort and eco friendly style for mums!

    The collection includes ten pieces, ranging from lounge wraps, nursing camis and nighties to sleepshirts and rollover pants.

    Our sleepwear helps women feel comfortable during one of the most important times in their life and there are also items in the range that appeal to all women looking for soft, comfy and flattering PJs!


  • Mo' Green Apparel

    Mo' Green Apparel

    Mo' Green Apparel is an Eco-friendly Clothing Line specializing in graphic T-Shirts for men and women. All of our shirts are 100% Organic Cotton, OEKO-TEX Certified, silk screen printed with Eco-Friendly water dyes, and come with an insperational message from Mo'.

    Mo'Green is just a guy who's into "Thinking More" and "Using Less". Whether you recycle, reuse, or turn off the lights, Mo' just wants us all to take a second to think Mo', use less and Live Life Green!


  • Tagua Accessories

    Tagua Accessories

    Tagua Accessories has a wide variety of accessories and jewellery, made out of exotic materials of vegetal origin, such as Tagua also known as Vegetable Ivory€Ě, Orange peel, Coffee beans and different seeds to created eco friendly products including necklaces, bracelets, ring, key ringsbags .

    Where we play with the colour, texture, creativity and design, resulting wonderful accessories to give or wear. Tagua nut or vegetable ivory is fruit of palm tree grows in the deep tropical rainforest of Colombia, South America; Tagua is one of the worlds most sought after natural material for woman accessories. It's unique texture hardness and color makes  Tagua a perfect natural replacement for animal ivory which saves the lives of elephants.