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Food Allergy Week- May 13-19


It's Food Allergy Week next week so show your support and help bring awareness to an issue that is increasing at alarming rates. I'm no expert but something tells me that many of the additives in our food are to blame as well as the manufacturing processes, pesticides, fertilizers and cutting costs to gain more money. When the profit margin is at stake many manufacturers are putting the money before the health of its consumers. 

When I collected and researched all the information for Chemeleon our food additive app I was horrified to discover just how many carcinogenic chemicals are in our foods. Many of them avoidable if manufacturers used the safe version of the additives that are not created in labs!

1 in 10 infants now has a food allergy. We all need to have a deeper understanding and awareness of food allergies and we also need to fight for detailed and honest food labelling so that people with allergies can rest assured that what they are eating is safe.


Click here to visit the Food Allergy Week Website to find out more and support the cause.


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