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Food & Beverage

  • Meredith Dairy

    Meredith Dairy

    Meredith Dairy milks all year round and is the largest on farm producer of sheep and goat milk in Australia. Meredith Dairy's specialty Cheeses & Yoghurts are sold throughout Australia and exported around the world. The owners, Sandy and Julie Cameron have extensively researched animal husbandry, cheese making techniques, and sustainable agriculture practises. Our philisophy To develop an ethos that desires sustainable productivity without jeopardizing natural resources.


    • Award winning Meredith Dairy Goat Cheese in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ashed goats cheese pyramids, carping, chevre plain, chevre dill, Chevre Ash, Meredith Blue (sheep milk or goat milk), Woodbourne brie, traditional feta, fresh goat curd, our sheep milk yoghurt.

  • Li-Sun Exotic Mushrooms

    Li-Sun Exotic Mushrooms

    A disused underground railway tunnel between Mittagong and Bowral is the thriving ground for a variety of exotic mushrooms that Dr Noel Arrold a microbiologist has been growing since 1987. They can be purchased from a range of farmers markets throughout NSW.


    • Exotic mushrooms, Swiss Brown mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms, Oyster mushrooms, Shimejii mushrooms and Wood Ear mushrooms, Enoki, coloured Oysters, Chestnut and King Brown mushrooms.

  • The GreenEdge

    The GreenEdge

    Online supermarket covering a wide range of products. Our online store is full of products to help you eat and live more sustainably. We favour organic, fair trade, local products and everything we sell is free of animal products, cruelty free and suitable for vegans.


    • Groceries, household products, personal hygiene, essential oils & essences, pet products, baby products, planting seeds, frozen foods, clothing & accessories, beauty & cosmetics.

  • Organic Choice

    Organic Choice

    Organic Choice is based in Adelaide, South Australia, our aim is to serve our community by providing promotional and support services to organic Producers, Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers, at the same time as helping all visitors to to discover and source the great variety of certified organic and certified biodynamic produce which is currently available in Australia.


    • Organic baby food, Organic baking mixes, Organic beverages, alcoholic beverages, Organic bread, Organic breakfast cereal, canned foods, confectionary, Organic dairy products, dressings, Organic dried fruit, Organic flours and grains,Organic fruit and vegetables,Organic fruit in syrup, fruit sauces, Organic honey, meat & poultry, nuts, noodles, oils, olives, pasta, paste, pickles & marinades, sugar, vegetarian savouries, vinegar, wheatgrass, Organic cosmetics & toiletries, health supplements, household products.

  • Wholegrain Milling

    Wholegrain Milling

    Wholegrain Milling Company is a family owned business specialising in the highest quality 100% stone-ground Organic Flours milled from grains that are grown, stored and milled without the use of artificial chemicals. We take pride in meeting the demands that flow from recognition as one of the leading Certified Organic stone-mills in Australia.


    • Wheat Grain, Semolina, Rye Grain, Wholewheat Bakers Flour, Kibbled (Cracked) Wheat, Kibbled (Cracked) Rye, Light Sift Wheat Flour, Spelt Grain, Whole Rye Flour, Unbleached White Bakers Flour, Whole Spelt Flour, Light Sift Rye Flour, Unbleached White Cake Flour, Unbleached White Spelt Flour, Rice - Brown, Wholewheat Self Raising Cake Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Unbleached White Self Raising Cake Flour, Khorasan Wheat, Oat Groats, Premium Bakers White Flour, Whole Khorasan Flour, Rolled Oats, Wheat Bran

  • Organic Times

    Organic Times

    The organic triple chocolate cookies are to die for! Organic Times is here to offer you the most natural and delicious products created from organic produce for healthier living and a better taste. Our goods are certified organic using the finest quality ingredients and no genetically engineered ingredients, including no GE soy lecithin, providing you with our premium range. Organic Times is fully Australian owned. All our products are certified organic by NASAA who are an accredited certifying body. Organic Times is an Australian owned Wholesaler and Distributor of the finest quality certified organic products. Our range include organic Swiss couverture chocolate coated products (almonds, macadamias, sultanas, coffee beans, ginger and licorice), delicious organic home-style cookies (choc-chip, triple-choc, choc-almond, white-choc macadamia and Gluten Free range) and variety of organic confectionery. Organic Times also offer organic butter, milk powder, cocoa and carob powder and a range of other organic raw ingredient products. Our packaging utilises recycled material and we aim to give back to nature as much as possible.


    • Organic Chocolate Coated Products - Licorice, Macadamias, Almonds, Coffee Beans, Sultanas, Ginger, Organic Cookies, Organic Cocoa Powder, Organic Carob Powder, Organic Sugar, Organic Milk Powders, Organic Confectioneries, Organic Butter, Organic Flour.

  • Ferguson Kangaroo Island Lobsters

    Ferguson Kangaroo Island Lobsters

    Ferguson Australia is a leading Australian producer and manufacturer of Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii), King Prawn (Penaeus latisulcatus) and King Crab (Pseudocarcinus gigas).


  • Ethikl


    Sustainable goods direct from independent artists. Unique and gorgeous items.


    • fashion, bags, jewelry, food & drink, toys, bay, beauty, home & garden, pets, music and books. Great for gift ideas!

  • Kinkawooka Shellfish

    Kinkawooka Shellfish

    Kinkawooka shellfish grow and harvest premium shellfish to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and culinary quality. Kinkawooka Shellfish is an integrated seafood growing, catching and processing company owned and operated by the Puglisi family, 5th generation fisherman with a rich heritage of producing high quality seafood. The cold clean waters of the Great Southern Ocean are home to some of the finest shellfish in the world.


  • Cullen Wines

    Cullen Wines

    Cullen Wines while remaining family owned has since evolved making quality wine from biodynamically grown grapes sourced exclusively from The Cullen Estate Vineyard and Mangan Vineyard.