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  • Organic whiskey

    Organic whiskey

    Increasing numbers of people are choosing organic food and drinks, in order to reduce consumption and use of synthetic materials, including pesticides and other harsh chemicals. Despite only have three core ingredients (grains, yeast and water), a number of synthetic materials are often used in order to produce a whisky. For example, barley is usually sprayed with pesticides in the field. If the barley is to be stored for a prolonged period of time, it may also be treated with insecticides during storage. The use of synthetic materials, such as pesticides and non-organic fertilisers is very recent in the span of human history. Whisky was not always produced with the influence of synthetic materials. In a long history of whisky production, the length of time in which no synthetic materials were used, far outweighs their application in recent times. For those who would prefer to enjoy a dram of whisky made in the natural, traditional way; free from pesticides and harsh chemicals - the Organic Whiskies website is for you.


  • Organic wine

    Organic wine

    We are an online wine retailer specialising in organic wine, biodynamic wine, preservative free wine (although we use the term "no added preservative" wine). We also stock wine from wineries that use organic, biodynamic, minimal input or environmentally friendly practices, but are not certified.


  • RAW Wine and Beer

    RAW Wine and Beer

    Raw Wine and Beer is an independent organic wine and organic beer marketing and distribution company.


  • Vitality4life


    Living juices are a fantastic way to ensure you have a balanced diet. Extracting the maximum possible nutrition, power juicers make it quick and easy to stay healthy.


    • Juicers, soymilk makers, organic skin care, fitness equipment, air purifiers, ceramic knives, wheat grass kits and heaps of other kitchen appliances.

  • Organic Empire

    Organic Empire

    Organic store delivered to your door to areas within Victoria. Organic Empire sources foods that grow naturally without the use of artificial herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, waxes, hormones and free of genetically modified ingredients. We source seasonal local and sustainably farmed produce.


  • Maretai organics

    Maretai organics

    Maretai Organics is a growing business in Australia supplying wholesale and bulk organic food ingredients to distributors, manufacturers and retail outlets in the organic food industry. We strive to be efficient and keep our overheads low so we can provide the best price for all of our organic products. We concentrate our efforts to promote our Organic Raw Cacao Powder, Raw Cacao Butter and our premium Organic Agave Syrup ( also known as Agave Nectar ), sourced from Blue Weber Agave. Our products are Fair Trade, Kosher and Halal.


    • Organic agave syrup, organic virgin coconut oil, organic agave inulin powder, raw organic cacao butter and paste.

  • Clayridge Honey

    Clayridge Honey

    Clayridge Honey is a family owned and run beekeeping business in Basin View (Jervis Bay, NSW). All of our honey is 100% pure, raw and completely natural. We harvest straight from our own beehives ensuring fresh and high quality produce every time. Clayridge Honey does not have anything artificial added to it and is chemical free. Our honey is cold extracted, unprocessed and is neither heat treated nor pasteurised.


  • Meatless Mondays

    Meatless Mondays

    Meatless Mondays Australia is a non-profit initiative that is part of an international campaign to encourage people to cut out meat on Mondays to improve their health and the health of the planet. Reducing meat consumption by 15% (the equivalent of one day a week) not only lessens the risk of chronic preventable illness but also helps slow climate change.

  • Iku wholefood

    Iku wholefood

    Iku Wholefood was founded on the premise that if you eat a balanced diet, you will have a balanced life. At Iku our wholefood is prepared as close as possible to its natural state, nutritious ingredients with all their goodness intact. We strive to use organic and high quality local ingredients whenever possible.


  • Universal Village

    Universal Village

    Universal Village is a small collection of socially minded people who want to make a positive difference through their work.

    Qi Teas are a delicious range of premium green and white teas, infused with organic herbs, fruits and spices. Qi Teas are naturally high in antioxidants and are guaranteed to be free of herbicides, pesticides and genetic modification. Qi Teas are grown at high altitude in the native forests around the remote village of Xitou in Chinas Yellow Mountains and are naturally sweet and mellow in flavour. Qi Teas are certified Fairtrade, thereby guaranteeing a better deal for its producers.

    Rhino Coffee blends are full-bodied, rich and flavoursome, with plenty of oomph to get you started for the day!  Fairtrade, Organic Rhino Coffee has won multiple taste awards and is available in two fabulous blends; Morning Kickstart and Safari Barista. Our Rhino coffees are available at IGAs and specialty retail stores or come and visit us at Universal Village's online store.

    Our products  are available at Woolworths, IGAs, specialty retail stores and at our Universal Village online store.


    • Qi Green Tea Bags, Qi Green Jasmine Tea Bags, Qi Green & Mint Tea Bags, Qi Green Tea Plus Tea Bags, Qi White Tea Bags, Qi White & Fruity Tea Bags, Qi White & Spicy Tea Bags, Qi Detox Tea Bags, Qi Gingko Green Tea Bags, Qi Ginger Green Tea Bags, Qi Chum Mee Leaf Tea, Qi Green Jasmine Leaf Tea, Cocolo Fair trade Chocolate, Rhino Safari Barrista, Rhino Morning Kickstart, Alter Eco Rice, Alter Eco Quinoa.