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Green Power, Energy & Water Saving

  • Unique Daylighting Pty Ltd

    Unique Daylighting Pty Ltd

    Brighten dark rooms naturally with the worlds leading daylighting system. Certified installation consultant. Showroom located: Chatswood.


  • Infinity Solar

    Infinity Solar

    At Infinity Solar we’re committed to providing you with the best quality solar power solutions. With offices up and down the east coast (and a touch further west in Toowoomba) we service everywhere from the largest cities to the tiniest towns - and everywhere in between.


  • Living


    LivingGreener is a website created by the Australian government that

  • Solar Systems

    Solar Systems

    Professional Solar Power System Adelaide installation services anywhere in Australia, it includes easy steps to Design Your Own complete solar power system to work like your own electric company.

    This electricity produced is then used to power your house. If you are connected to the electricity grid and you are producing more than you are using, the excess electricity is fed back into the grid and a bi-directional meter records the amount of power which you export. Most electricity retailers will credit you 44 cents per Kw/h on to your electricity account (this is around double what you pay for power).


  • CarbonConscious


    The primary focus of Carbon Conscious is to create large scale carbon estates in the Australian wheatbelt in order to produce quality and accredited carbon credits. We will do this through planting Mallee Eucalypt trees, a native species adapted to the growing conditions of the region. Over their growing life, the Mallee Eucalypt will


  • Solarise


    Solarise our mission is to make alternative energy more accessible to Australians by making it easier and more affordable to solarise your home and start saving quickly.

    Solarise is led by experienced professionals with years of expertise in the solar industry. We choose to use only highly efficient, monocrystalline panels with quality inverters and experienced installers, who are accredited by the CEC (Clean Energy Council) so you can have peace of mind.


  • Green Ecovations

    Green Ecovations

    Green Ecovations provide energy and water solutions for homes and businesses to save money, reduce greenhouse gases and help our planet without compromising our lifestyle. We advise on supply and install of photovoltaic solar energy systems, solar hot water, heat pump water systems, rainwater tanks, greywater systems, insulation, energy efficient lighting and more. Green Ecovations was incorporated to help Australians reduce their carbon footprint by installing sustainable energy and water saving systems. We provide a comprehensive assessment to identify potential savings and can then provide solutions.


  • Planet Ark EcoShop

    Planet Ark EcoShop

    Planet Arks EcoShop has a wide selection of eco-friendly products that help Australians help the planet, reduce bills and use less energy, water and chemicals.


  • Green Home

    Green Home

    The Australian Conservation Foundation's GreenHome program is a pioneering environmental education program that works with communities to find individual and collective solutions to environmental issues. Save water, save energy, reduce waste, clean travel, green eating, green garden, smart shop, no chemicals

  • Energy Australia- Green Energy

    Energy Australia- Green Energy

    EnergyAustralia has four options available so you can choose whether a portion or all of your electricity usage is matched with energy from renewable sources, like wind or solar. All our PureEnergy products are GreenPower accredited and independently audited, so you know that you