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The Ultimate Green Earth Guide

Green Power, Energy & Water Saving

  • Origin Energy

    Origin Energy

    Origin GreenPower is generated predominately from solar, wind and biomass sources. All of our GreenPower products meet the stringent accreditation rules of the Government's GreenPower program.


  • Kings Energy Saving Services

    Kings Energy Saving Services

    Kings Insulation is a West Australian owned and operated company that has been supplying and installing quality insulation batts since 1977.


    • Insulation, insulation removal, roller shutters, air conditioning, skylights, ventilation, gutter cleaning, solar energy



    The Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) is one of Australia's most experienced and reliable carbon management organisations. CRI's services and philosophy are centred on providing solutions which make carbon management easy for any organisation. We deliver reliable reporting on emissions impacts as well as reduction opportunities which make a real difference. -Noco2 certification programs: Measure, reduce and offset your climate change impact. - Certify your business, service, product or event as carbon neutral. - Carbon management - Energy efficiency: want to reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions? - Project commercialisation


  • Balance Carbon

    Balance Carbon

    BalanceCarbon® can assist organisations to achieve product and service innovation, improved brand reputation and reduced operating costs through improving efficiency by developing solid approaches to energy and emissions measurement, management and mitigation and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


  • MDW Aqua Hire

    MDW Aqua Hire

    MDW Aqua Hire specialises in the filtration of water in Perth and throughout Western Australia. Using state-of-the-art technology, we are able to clean water from development and construction sites ready for reuse. If your company is committed to protecting the environment, contact us for a no obligation quote, and keep our waterways safe.


  • Greenfleet


    Greenfleet exists to make a difference, not a profit.
    Greenfleet is a non-profit organisation, encouraging people to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and then offset any remaining emissions by planting biodiverse native forests through Greenfleet’s tax deductible offset program.

    With the help of Greenfleet’s voluntary offset program, you can easily reduce your car’s impact on the environment. For less than the price of a tank of fuel, Greenfleet will plant Australian native trees as part of a biodiverse forest to offset the emissions of an average medium car for one year. The resulting forests will also tackle salinity, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and provide essential habitat for native wildlife.

    Greenfleet also plants native forests to offset the emissions generated by air travel, household and business energy use.

    Visit Greenfleet's website to find out how you can make a positive difference for the environment.


  • M2 Greener Living Solutions

    M2 Greener Living Solutions

    One stop shop for sustainable solutions.


    • Solar power, hot water systems, rainwater tanks, led lighting, underground water tanks, bladder tanks, pumps, pool & spa equipment, grey water system, garden beds and pots, clotheslines, etc.

  • Todae


    Large range of ecologically sustainable products and services from super efficient LED lighting to carbon offsets, eco homewares and energy & water saving products. Our range of eco products will help you to live life to its fullest and make a real and lasting difference Choose from over 2,500 products.


    • - Solar Power - Energy Efficient & LED Lighting - Business & Home Assessments - Energy Saving - Water Saving - Household Consumables (such as cleaning and body care) - Eco Baby & kids - Office Products and Stationery

  • Tankworks


    Made to measure custom made water tanks made of high quality steel with a polymer coating to withstand the harsh Australian environment. With a smaller carbon footprint than a poly water tank, and 100 percent recyclable steel they are the sustainable water tank choice for your future. For builders, plumbers, architects, engineers and DIY. Servicing most areas throughout Australia.


  • Rain water tanks direct

    Rain water tanks direct

    The benefits of rainwater for your home are great for your pocket and the environment. When you invest in a water tank, you will be able to collect most of the rain that falls on your roof if you have it connected to your gutters and downpipes. For example, if 10mm of rain falls onto about 100m2 of your roof, you will collect about 1000 Litres of rainwater into your water tank. Just imagine, after 4 days of light rain you could easily harvest around 4000 litres of rainwater.