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Health & Wellness

  • Mudita Applied Ayurveda & Buddhist Psychology Retreats

    Mudita Applied Ayurveda & Buddhist Psychology Retreats

    At the Mudita Institute we help people around the world live their lives with greater peace, vitality, kindness and joy. Through our retreats, courses, talks and publications we help people to develop a strong foundation for lasting health and happiness - relieving stress, improving digestion and cultivating greater kindness towards themselves and others. Our teachings are based on the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and Buddhist Psychology


  • Circle of Life

    Circle of Life

    We have some of most Inspirational products on the planet - Miracle II and Ocean Ormus Nature's Gifts for the world plus Sacred oils Art and Inspirational books..Our other services include programs for your life like no other Reiki and Seichim.


    • Essential Oils, Reiki, Seichim, healing & meditation, books, art, laundry, bath therapeutic balls, soaps, Miracle II moisturizer & gel, natural cleaning products, pet care.

  • Orgone Effects Australia

    Orgone Effects Australia

    Orgone Effects specializes in Building Energetics, which encompasses Geopathic Stress/Sick Building Syndrome Surveys, combined with a comprehensive and 100% effective range of Ionic Harmonization Tools. Manufacturers of Ionic Resonance Harmonization products and educators for Geomancy and energy readings courses.


    • Geocleanse, Schumann generator, mobile phone harmonizer, car emr harmonizer, water energizer disk, orgone blanket, orgone pendant, harmonywear, cloth harmonizer patch, aircraft cabin harmonizer, ener soles, ener botttles, ener-band, ionic wand.

  • The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library

    The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library

    The Footpath Library aims to make books more accessible to the homeless and disadvantaged members of our society, change our attitudes to these people and encourage literacy.

    Now in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane (and soon across Australia), The Footpath Library donates books to homeless and marginalised people.

    The Footpath Library accepts high-quality books in the following genres:
    Women’s, men’s and children’s fiction
    Non-fiction, including dictionaries, simple cookbooks, parenting, and self help
    National Geographic, Australian Geographic, motorcycle and car magazines.


  • Willow Wellness

    Willow Wellness

    Willow Wellness is Australia's complete online wellness resource. We aim to create a happier & healthier world. Search our directory to find wellness products, services and resources Australia wide. Be informed by reading our Health, Body, Mind and Beauty blogs and make sure you keep coming back for all things wellness!


  • Swap it Don't stop it

    Swap it Don't stop it

    This Australian Government run initiative is all about swapping some of the things that you're doing with healthier choices. The site features an online 12 week planner and other resources to help you swap those bad eating habits for healthier ones that will prolong your iife and improve your quality of life.


  • Tai Chi Society

    Tai Chi Society

    Tai Chi has many health benefits and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Tai Chi and Qigong classes for beginners in many suburbs in Sydney, and also classes in Newcastle. Tai Chi and Qigong DVDs -- instructional programme for beginners by Great Grand Master Kellen Chia of Tai Chi Society.


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