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  • Organic Gardener Magazine

    Organic Gardener Magazine

    The ABC's Organic Gardener magazine presents practical, clearly written features and excellent photography on all aspects of organic gardening and living. It sticks to the principles of good, chemical-free gardening, which supports and works together with nature.

    The magazine explores eco-living issues such as organic food, renewable energy, permaculture, organic farmers markets, environmentally friendly home products, and eco-travel. It provides inspiration, information and practical how-to advice and solutions on all aspects of organic gardening and a holistic lifestyle.

    Many of Australia's leading organic gardeners are regular contributors including ABC Radio's Annette McFarlane and ABC TV Gardening Australia presenters, Jerry Coleby-Williams and Josh Byrne.

    Published bi-monthly, ABC's Organic Gardener is an essential companion for anyone interested in organics, gardening and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


  • Landshare Australia

    Landshare Australia

    Landshare Australia brings together people who have a passion for home-grown food, connecting those who have land to share with those who need land for cultivating food.

    Connecting individuals, communities, schools and councils it gained 1000 users in its first three months!

    Landshare is for people who:

    • Want to grow vegetables but don't have anywhere to do it
    • Have a spare bit of land they're prepared to share
    • Can help in some way - from sharing knowledge and lending tools to helping out on the plot itself
    • Support the idea of freeing up more land for growing
    • Are already growing and want to join in the community

  • Organic School Gardens

    Organic School Gardens


    In May 2010, the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) launched the Organic School Gardens Program - a free organic gardening curriculum program available to all Australian primary schools and anyone with an interest in organic gardening.

    The program is designed for students aged 8 -12 years and provides practical support to schools with detailed lessons and accompanying teacher's notes for setting up and maintaining an organic school garden. Written and illustrated by Lyn Bagnall, author of highly acclaimed and twice-published gardening guide Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting.


  • Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network

    Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network

    The Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network website connects green thumbs all over Australia by helping people set up community gardens. The website features information about organic gardening, setting up gardens, landsharing, composting, bees, local events and more.

  • BettaPumps


    Betta Pumps provide low voltage pond pumps in front of you as they are need of a healthy pond. Without a reliable and water-featured pond pump the complete effect can be lost.
    Most people are using low voltage pond pumps for their ponds as the output and efficiency of low voltage pond pump is greatest over the all ranges of pond pumps.

    Some pumps are solar powered for greater energy efficiency!


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  • Godfrey Hirst Carpets

    Godfrey Hirst Carpets

    Godfrey Hirst eco+® marks the next generation in carpet. It's the small steps we make today that help preserve the environment for our children tomorrow. Godfrey Hirst eco+ is an Australian made triexta carpet manufactured with Sorona® polymer. Derived from natural corn sugar, the polymer in Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpet places less reliance on non-renewable resources than other synthetic fibres and generates less greenhouse gas emissions to produce.


  • Nature Direct

    Nature Direct

    We offer a unique range of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and disinfectants created by nature. Our products are: - Effective and powerful - Affordable - Safe, sustainable and non hazardous - Available exclusively via our Show 'n' Go presentations and delivered straight to your door. The secret of our products success lies in the revolutionary formula. Developed by scientists in Switzerland, now manufactured right here in Australia. Protect your family, your home, pets and our environment from the impact of insidious chemicals. Today you have a choice when it comes to cleaning products. At Nature Direct, we believe that the journey towards a healthier and safer future for ourselves and our world begins with a single step. Nature Direct is your first step in the right direction.


  • Yes 2 Green

    Yes 2 Green

    Yes 2 Green is a eco friendly company that wholesales and distributes products for the Car, Home, Health and Wellbeing. Our products include the Oko Pack Range which includes a wash ball that does not need detergent with Dryer Ball and Eco Friendly Stain Remover, the Kuvings Silent Juicer that is very quiet easy to clean and extracts 30% more juice from the fruit. Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract that is Australian made, tastes great with many health benefits, just to name a few. Contact us on to find your nearest Health Food Store or Pharmacy that stock our products.


    • Oko Detergent Free Laundry Ball, Kuvings Silent Juicer, Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract, Dryer Ball, Eco Stain Remover

  • Todae


    Large range of ecologically sustainable products and services from super efficient LED lighting to carbon offsets, eco homewares and energy & water saving products. Our range of eco products will help you to live life to its fullest and make a real and lasting difference Choose from over 2,500 products.


    • - Solar Power - Energy Efficient & LED Lighting - Business & Home Assessments - Energy Saving - Water Saving - Household Consumables (such as cleaning and body care) - Eco Baby & kids - Office Products and Stationery

  • Biome


    Biome Eco Friendly Store features Australia's greenest products including a wide range of ecologically friendly products to help us all make a difference to our planet each day and Biome makes it easy for you to support Australian small business in these tough times.. You'll find Natural beauty products, organic skin care, mineral makeup and cosmetics, organic baby wares, hand made fair-trade gifts made from the heart, BPA free reusable water bottles, non-toxic cleaning products, Bokashi compost systems and so much more. Shop in our two Brisbane eco friendly stores or shop online at our website


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