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Home & Garden

  • Neoflam


    Neoflam is an international kitchenware company recognized as a supplier of innovative products making daily kitchen life productive and safe. 100% non toxic, durable, ceramic based non stick coating.


  • Ecoballs


    Ecozone is an international company that designs and produces ecological cleaning products, energy saving products and gadgets Ecoballs replace laundry detergent, they are reusable for up to 150 washes costing as little as 7p per wash. Ecoballs are a hypoallergenic, natural alternative to conventional washing detergents and are ideal for sensitive skins. Their scientifically formulated filling penetrates powerfully into fibres, lifting away dirt without fading colours or damaging delicate fabrics. Other products include magnoball, toilet smellkiller, biobulb, ecoStapler and more innovative products.


  • Giftboxology


    Giftboxology is passionate about selling Australian-made gift boxes lovingly filled with only Australian-made eco, natural, handmade and organic goods. We have sourced the best quality so you can give a lovely unique gift that has been made right here in Australia.


  • Exception- Steam Mop

    Exception- Steam Mop

    Smart Living Steam Mop saves money and the environment. Exception's Smart Living Steam Mop is 100% chemical free - get your floors sparkling without the need for expensive and toxic chemicals that damage our planet.


  • Zenki Bottles

    Zenki Bottles

    Reusable drink bottles suitable for hot or cold liquids. Zenki's bottles are100% food grade stainless steel. Zenki caps for all our bottles are certified BPA and phthalate free.


  • The Natural Paint Place

    The Natural Paint Place

    Genuine plant-based decorating products greenhouse friendly and safe. We can match most colours from synthetic paint companies. Send your colour chart to us for colour matching.


  • Green plumbers

    Green plumbers

    Green plumbers has listings all over Australia. A licensed Green Plumber can assist you in determining the most efficient products and appliances for your home.


  • Ecolour


    ecolour is an Australian manufacturer of premium quality, climate friendly paints. Free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), our paint promotes excellent indoor air quality that is non-toxic to people and the environment. Suitable for residential, commercial and retail applications, the ecolour range includes interior and exterior paints as well as timber finishes. Competitively priced with mainstream alternatives, ecolour paints can be tinted to any colour and are known to provide excellent coverage, durability and finish. Easy to use our water-based paints are self-priming, washable, scrubbable and splatter free. Recognised for our commitment to sustainable development, ecolour is certified carbon neutral and accredited by Good Environmental Choice (GECA).


  • Bauwerk Colour

    Bauwerk Colour

    BAUWERK was created with a vision to produce exemplary modern lime paint in harmony with nature. We source the finest pigments on earth to develop an exquisite range of colours for both modern and traditional buildings. BAUWERK Paints are different. We manufacture them by utilizing a simple elemental cycle of earth, fire, water and air. Working with nature we produce paints with truly unique and dynamic depth. We love our paint and believe in, accept and embrace its natural characteristics. Not tested on animals, made in Australia, vegan, non-toxic, sustainable, climate neutral.


  • Bio Products Australia

    Bio Products Australia

    A range of interior and exterior paints, varnishes, enamels, oils, waxes and adhesives. They are made predominantly from natural ingredients that are non toxic.