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Is your lipstick killing you?


For centuries women (and sometimes men) have been using lipstick to enhance their natural beauty. In ancient times some civilisations used crushed jewels to decorate their lips, while Cleopatra used the red dye carmine, derived from crushed Cochineal beetles, to paint her distinctive face. It’s hard to imagine Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood classic actresses without their trademark red pouts and no celebrity worth their salt today would be caught on the red carpet without their lippy.

We've all heard the frightening statistic about how much lipstick the average woman will eat in a lifetime through eating or by licking her lips - somewhere between 4 and 6 pounds (1.8 and 2.7kgs). That’s a lot of lipstick!

It’s probably hard to imagine literally buying and using that much Peach Sunset or Rose Blush. But it’s worth remembering, as a general rule, that anything that goes on your skin (especially around your mouth where you’re likely to swallow it) will end up in your blood stream and be absorbed by your body. Think about all the times you reapply your lipstick after meals and drinks, or as it wears off throughout the day. There’s a good chance what doesn’t end up on your coffee cup ends up in you. So what exactly are we eating when we pucker up? Read the rest of the article...

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