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Jeremy Gilley's One Day of Peace


On the 21st of September the countdown will start for One Day of Peace 2012 which has a goal for a global truce. Jeremy Gilley, a filmmaker, has founded the organization Peace One Day (POD), which wants to drastically reduce violence all over the world, from wars to domestic violence and violence in schools, as he says, he is working towards ‘the protection of each other and our environment’. Jeremy has educated (and still does) thousands of students in an effort to really change the world and eradicate violence. This cause is growing each year and is supported by Jude Law and Dior however still needs donations.

The first Peace Day was held on the 21st September 2002 and now the countdown to a Global Truce on Peace Day 2012 begins with a concert in London on the 21st of September 2011. Even if you don’t live in London you can participate on Peace Day 2012 by organising your own concert, sporting event, a simple get together or if you’re feeling really unruly (I mean that in a peaceful kind of way) organise a demonstration. For more ideas, information or to donate visit and help this truly worthy cause make our world a better place for everyone. 

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