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Lion's Recycle for Sight Australia Inc - A great spectacle!


Recycling is applicable to a lot of things, but did you know you can recycle your eye-glasses? The Lions Club of Australia takes donations of used spectacles and sunglasses and redistributes them to those in need all around the world. The glasses are collected, then cleaned and sorted, ensuring the right glasses are given to the right people.

The glasses have even been given to children in remote villages and schools in Africa and Asia, and to adults, either helping them keep their job or increasing their ability to look after themselves in old age. The gift of sight is an important one, and one the Lions Club is giving with the help of local Queensland councils, the Police Citizens Youth Welfare Centre at Caboolture and Australia Post.

Part of the work the Lion’s club is doing requires specialized machinery including the ultrasound cleaner and lensometer which checks lenses to see what prescription they would fill (you don’t want to give glasses for a shortsighted person, to a long sighted one). The club needs donations of glasses and money so they can purchase more machines.

Over the last fifteen years they have distributed over 2,500,000 pairs of glasses to needy people but there is still a lot more to do, so please help. Next time you have spectacles that you can’t use, donate them to Lions Australia. Americans can also participate through the Lions Club International. You can donate in Australia at any branch of the Lions Club, to find out further details visit the Lions Club website.
Alternatively, you can also drop your old pair of specs to any HCF centre and branches.

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