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National Recycling Week


In November 1996, Planet Ark founded National Recycling Week as a community education and media campaign. The aim was to bring a national focus to recycling and the broader themes of minimising waste and managing material resources.

Now in its 16th year, National Recycling Week will run from 7 to 13 November. This years focus is on:

  • Engaging students in learning about the environmental benefits of recycling, through the Schools Recycle Right Challenge.
  • Increasing the number of businesses and workplaces involved in recycling, principally through the promotion of the Friday File Fling.
  • Promoting community re-use and recycling initiatives, particularly through promotion of council, school and workplace-based Swap Parties as part of the Big Aussie Swap.
  • Improving the understanding of kerbside recycling, principally through an educative Recycle Right Quiz .

So do your bit this week, here are a few tips:

  • GIve your wardrobe a spring clean and participate in a swap party, donate to charity or give it a makeover, for example..decorate an old tshirt with some crazy stitches, buttons or get creative with a paintbrush, fabric markers or even potato prints!
  • Learn how to recycle batteries
  • If you have old mobiles, used cartridges or electrical appliances visit Planet Ark and learn how to dispose of them thoughtfully.
  • Get the kids involved and make some recycled sculptures with bottles, toilet rolls and what ever else you can find. The teach them how to recycle.
  • Approach your local school about what they are doing about recycling. Last week I was shocked to find out that my childrens school doesn't provide a means of recycling alluminium cans.
  • Make an extra effort to recycle your paper by writing on the back as well.
  • Buy a reusable coffee cup! and stop contributing to land fill. Did you know that if you purchase 4 take away coffees a week thats 208 cups a year!

What do you think?