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Nike Better World


Earlier this year NIKE released a new product called the Free TR Fit. The sports shoe was designed with a lower environmental impact and uses an   environmentally preferred rubber, water-based cementing and recycled polyester.

Prior to coming up with the design, Nike analysed the areas in their production process to identify the areas that had the most  impact on their overall environmental footprint. This included materials, waste, solvent use and innovation. The result was a simplified sports shoe that uses less materials, is lighter and uses environmentally friendly materials. It also reduced the amount of solvent used to  only 1 tablespoon compared to 1 3/4cups.

NIke's green innovations have also filtered through to other products such as their 2010 World Championship Football jersey's made entirely from recycled polyester. (Personally I'm not so sure that polyester is great for our skin; but that's another topic we may touch on in another blog post.). They also support many social initiatives and their packaging now also uses 100% recycled cardboard.

It's good to see that some companies are gradually making changes, even if they are relatively small ones.


To learn more about Nikes Better World initiatives  visit their website.

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