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Organic Hand Cream Road Test


It’s a tough life, but somebody’s got to do it. I’ve recently tried Grown hand cream and it would be mean of me if I didn’t tell you about it. It comes in a recycled box (of course) and the tube is luxuriously covered with a black woven fabric cover with some shiny metal bits – it looks very chic (that’s ‘sheek’, not ‘chick’, as I’ve heard a man say before). It has a non greasy feel and made my skin feel softer straight away – I am not exaggerating. The mild orange fragrance was very pleasant and the product is 100% organic and made in Australia. So many plusses, I’d have to give it five green leaves and would recommend it as a great present for a friend – it looks impressive, like you’ve spent lots of your hard earned cash even though it’s not that pricey, love it! It’s available through many different web sites including

5 leaves out of 5

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