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Road test on Inika eye shadow


Inika is an Australian owned company which produces all-natural cosmetics. I’ve been trying their products including mineral eye shadow, eye-liner and mascara and I’ve found it quite good.

The eye shadow is a loose powder with a sparkly and subtle colour and no fragrance, which I love because I have perfume allergies. It wears well for about six to eight hours and is easy to get off with make-up remover. Inika has 24 different colours in their eye shadow range and they offer many other cosmetics which are made from all natural ingredients.

The mascara is smooth, has good coverage and is not clumpy and the eyeliner is soft and goes on without having to press too hard.
There is no testing on animals and their products don’t contain any animal derivatives, it is even certified Halal.

All the containers and brushes they sell are recyclable and they have an organic certification. It is easy to buy from their website and I am going to give these products three and a half green leaves.

PS They also have lipstick but I’m leaving that road test for another day.

Visit the Inika website to view their full product range, available on various online stores and selected health food shops.


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