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Road Test- Perfect Potion Cinnamon Facial Scrub


Last week I decided to spoil myself with a new facial scrub. During my lunch break I ventured out to Myer to see if what I could find.

I stopped at a few beauty counters to inspect the ingredients and after about 10 minutes I became increasingly frustrated to realize that most of those glamorous and enticing beauty products contain a vast array of toxic ingredients, that I wasn’t about to expose myself to again.

I’ve been using Origins products for a few years and although I absolutely love their products, I was on a personal mission to try something new. So I walked out through the QVB and was heading towards the health food store, to see what I could find there, when I just happened to stumbled upon a store that I must admit I hadn’t noticed before; Perfect Potion.

Inside was a mecca of lovely smelling, healthy skin care products including a couple of scrubs to choose from. The sales assistant knew her products well and when I asked her about one of the ingredients she quickly consulted their website and answered my query.

I opted for the cinnamon facial scrub that smells so good, I’m almost tempted to taste it every time I use it! Over the last week I’ve been using it every second day and I absolutely love it. It leaves my skin feeling baby-bum smooth and like I said the smell is good enough to eat.

The Perfect Potion website has very detailed product pages which list the ingredients and their purpose in full detail.

The Founders of Perfect Potion are qualified aromatherapists, naturopaths and acupuncturists. Most of their products are organic , the packaging is recyclable and they are not tested on animals.

I’ll definitely be trying out more of Perfect Potion’s products in the near future.


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