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Road Test St. Ives Green Tea Scrub


This road test is a little unusual because I am testing a product which has a chemical which I am trying to avoid. I bought this a little while ago because it looks all natural, the picture on the tube has the word ‘naturally’ and says ‘with 100% natural soothing green tea’. The product is not tested on animals, does not contain any animal ingredients and has no parabens or phthalates.

After using the product on my face, my skin which is sensitive, became itchy and red in a couple of spots, however it did reduce and help clear my pimples, which is why I used it in the first place. It has a strong, not unpleasant fragrance. When I decided to read the ingredients, after my skin reacted, I found they were too small to read. This really annoyed me because what is the point of putting it there if no one can read it, so I looked it up on their website and still couldn’t read it as it was a blurry image which was just as small – how frustrating. I eventually had to take a photo and enlarge it on the screen to read it (how sad) and found at least one ingredient which worried me as the product is not free of harmful chemicals as suggested by the packaging.

The ingredient I found was MIT – methylisothiazolinone – which has had no human studies for toxicity undertaken, however one study has proven that a ten minute exposure at a high concentration kills nerve cells. At best it is an allergen, at worst, a neurotoxin.

Whilst this product works and is predominately free of harmful chemicals I only give it one green leaf as the ingredients are too small to read and the label is clearly an example of green-washing , not to forget the potentially toxic ingredient I finally found.

For more product details visit St Ives website

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