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Sacred Economics


Today whilst I was reading one of my students’ assignments, I came across an inspiring short film which I'd love to share with all our readers, and which I hope they will also share with others.

Charles Eisenstein is the creator of Sacred Economics a book and short film which is both inspiring and thought provoking. The short film provides us with a snippet into the notions of world economics, the value of money, what is it to be human, the self and what it means in a community and our drive to earn more and buy more as well as the spiraling greed for money which will engulf us all into oblivion. 'The money system' as he calls it, is a current that continuous to drag us along in a never ending rip of greed that wont stop until we've exhausted the earth’s resources. The irony is that money is often a barrier that stops us from doing what we were meant to do. Our true calling is often put aside because there are more certain ways to make a living and to pay the rent.


For the last century, the earths resources have been drained and will continue to be consumed until there is nothing left. Many still deny this fact and refuse to acknowledge it. Perhaps its because it is unlikely to happen within their lifespan, and their self-centeredness impedes them from thinking about the future and the other lives that will have to occupy the mess that we leave behind.

For me personally, like perhaps the majority, it's not about putting a halt on economic growth and mining, etc. It’s about taking less and giving more. I enjoy the lifestyle that I have; the electricity that gives me light, warmth and powers the technology that I have grown very fond of. I'm also grateful that I have clean running water and a car that makes me daily activities more efficient. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be happy to see all those conveniences denied to me. What I would like to see is a balance, for everything we take from the Earth, we need to give it back. We need to recycle everything we can, compost all our waste, reduce the consumption of fuels that can be replaced with greener alternatives, help people that are less fortunate than ourselves by distributing the wealth, stop ripping the forests out of the earth, stop rearing so many damn cows! And so many, many more things, but ultimately stop the greed. Why do we need so much? Do I really need 15 pairs of shoes? Do I really need to get the latest mobile phone model even though the one I have works just fine? Do I really need an upsize for my coffee or meal? and the list goes on...

The environmental revolution started in the 60s, great minds like Steven Hawking have written it about it in their books and Scientists like David Suzuki have dedicated their lives to enlightening the world with the facts that they have uncovered in order to awaken us into making a change. Yet, economies and governments win time and time again. When will enough be enough? Sadly the pessimist inside me says never, they will never have enough until it’s all gone. When it’s all gone it will take millions of years to heal all the damage.

But the optimist inside me also says that we can do something, even if it’s something small, anything at all because it all adds up. A journey always starts with one step.

I am hopeful.

That's why I am teaching my children what I believe so they can carry that knowledge throughout their life journey and pass it on to others. That's also why I persevere even though some mock me when I go on about my green endeavors and that's also why I dedicate my free time to the creation of EarthFirst, so that perhaps a few individuals will take note and want to make a change for the better.

Life is a gift. Be grateful. Don't take it for granted.


What do you think?