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Saving the Endangered Zebra


A few decades ago, more than 15,000 Grevy’s zebras roamed the scrublands and plains in Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya. Today, fewer than 2,500 remain.

The greatest threats facing the species today are habitat reduction due to the take over by increases in agriculture and livestock overgrazing the land that has resulted in significant environmental degradation.

Zebras also compete with the ever-increasing livestock population and agricultural crops for water. And also face the threat of poachers who value their beautiful hides.

The African Wildlife Foundation and other conservation foundations are working hard to provide the Zebras with protected areas that will help increase their populations.

There are a total of seven subspecies of Zebra three of them are endangered.
Related to the horse family, Zebras are fast runners who have an excellent sense of smell, eyesight and hearing to keep them alert from predators.
Much like human finger prints, no two Zebras have the same pattern.

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