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Scented Candles Are a Danger to Your Health


Scented candles smell good; they smell so good that millions are sold every year, however not many people know the toxic hazards associated with some candles. Candles can be made from different types of wax, namely bees wax, paraffin, soy, palm oil and synthetic substances (there may be more but you get the picture).

One of the main types of candles being sold is paraffin, and they are dangerous. A study undertaken by South Carolina State University (source CNN Health, 2009) has shown that when lit, these candles emit toluene (a dangerous solvent) and benzene (proven cancer causing solvent), highly toxic chemicals similar to petrol fumes or cigarette smoke. When paraffin candles are used in a poorly ventilated space this can cause health problems, especially for asthmatics and children.

So, if you love the ambiance of your candles there are alternatives which are non toxic, although no smoke is good for you. Make the change to pure beeswax and soy candles and breathe easier.

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