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  • Apple & bee

    Apple & bee

    At apple & bee our aim is to make beautiful cosmetic, travel and baby bags without harming the environment. We use the finest materials such as certified organic.


  • EvoShop


    EvoShop has grown and evolved into a fantastic resource for natural and non-toxic solutions, as well as tips and ideas on leading healthy and sustainable lifestyles. We are proud to stock a range of organic/natural skincare and cosmetic lines, as well as BPA-free water bottles, and our brand new line of SuperFood supplements designed to improve your health and well being.


    • Eco Friendly Products, BPA-Free reusable bottles, Non-Toxic cleaning solutions, Organic Skincare, Mineral Cosmetics, Health Foods, Superfood Supplements.

  • Etsy


    Buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art and supplies on Etsy, the world's most vibrant handmade marketplace. We love this site at EarthFirst!!!


    • Handcraft movement for anything and everything. Original artworks, hand made clothes, shoes, paper goods, books & zines, bags and purses, homewares, ceramics & pottery, quilts, toys, vintage and the list goes on and on...

  • Biome


    Biome Eco Friendly Store features Australia's greenest products including a wide range of ecologically friendly products to help us all make a difference to our planet each day and Biome makes it easy for you to support Australian small business in these tough times.. You'll find Natural beauty products, organic skin care, mineral makeup and cosmetics, organic baby wares, hand made fair-trade gifts made from the heart, BPA free reusable water bottles, non-toxic cleaning products, Bokashi compost systems and so much more. Shop in our two Brisbane eco friendly stores or shop online at our website


    • Eco Friendly Products, BPA Free reusable bottles, Organic Baby Range, Mineral Makeup, Natural Skincare, Non-toxic Cleaning Products , Earth Friendly Gifts

  • Giftboxology


    Giftboxology is passionate about selling Australian-made gift boxes lovingly filled with only Australian-made eco, natural, handmade and organic goods. We have sourced the best quality so you can give a lovely unique gift that has been made right here in Australia.


  • Eco Christmas Trees

    Eco Christmas Trees

    Eco Christmas Trees is teh eco friendly choice for your Christmas tree. A living growing fresh gorwing potted tree providing the real Christmas experience without cutting down a tree. You choose how long you need the tree for or you can opt to buy one.


  • Ethical Gifts

    Ethical Gifts

    Ethical Gifts only stocks gifts which have a positive impact on the people who make them and do no harm to the planet. If you are looking for a unique hand crafted ecofriendly or fair-trade gift you will find it at Ethical Gifts


    • Soft toys, wooden toys, bags, stationery, home ware, recycled products, fairtrade products, cards,jewellery.

  • Sheer Ethic

    Sheer Ethic

    At Sheer Ethic we love beautiful things. Nothing is more beautiful to us than something made by hand by someone who truly cares about what they are making.

    In a world that's accustomed to purchasing mass produced, identical products, it is our hope to introduce you to unique items of beauty made by artisans, not machines.

    At Sheer Ethic we want to be able to share high-quality, eco-friendly and ethically made products from all over the world. Products you can see a story in, feel the culture in, appreciate the raw quality of and celebrate for the inconsistencies of natures beauty.

    All Sheer Ethic products are part of a sustainable life-cycle and provide the opportunity for precious skills to to continue and to be shared. We feel strongly about keeping artisan skills alive and strengthening the traditions found in global communities.


    • Stationery, cards, ribbons, yarn, string, jewellery, pens, pencils, picture frames, scarves, hats, soaps, wrapping paper

  • Yiuco


    At Yiuco you can buy, sell and exchange products that are exclusively produced from recycling, reusing or remanufacturing. Yiuco is all about Upcycling, Recycling and Reusing! Less waste and more creativity.


    • Upscaled gifts and crafts for Art for all ages, including the following categories: Books , Clothes & Accessories , Electronics, Home & Garden , Industrial & Business , Jewelry & Watches , Movies & Music , Pets , Shoes , Sports & Outdoor , Supplies , Tools & Gadgets , Toys & Games , Wholesale Lots

  • No tox box

    No tox box is the perfect sample box for trying healthy, green, more conscious products before deciding if you want to buy them. Our box contains samples of natural, organic, ecofriendly and ethical products delivered to you every month.

    Our team has tested them, read the labels, talked to the suppliers and checked off the businesses against our values. We've handpicked the best and delivered them straight to you every month. You decide what works best for you, take the time to read the ingredients, do your research, review and share the love of your best products, then go on to buy the full sized products if you like them. Easy!


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