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Sustainable Seafood


Ever wondered where your seafood came from and how it was brought to your plate? Want to eat sustainably but concerned about the state of our seas? Are you confused about whether farmed or wild caught seafood is better for the marine environment?

As most of us already know our oceans and seas are suffering silently as we overfish and over polllute our Earth. What we also know is that eating fish is benefitial for our health; studies have proven that it can lower our risk of heart disease and even prolong our lives.

What most of us don't know is that many of the fish that we eat are being overfished and many more are grown in farms which resemble battery chicken farms, which instead of cages feature over conjested fish tanks being fed pellets that you can guarantee aren't particularly healthy for the fish or for the humans.

So how do we know which seafood is being over-fished? which fish are farmed? and what we should be eating?

It's not an easy anwers because it involves research and also asking your local seafood provider about the orgins of their produce. The Australian Marine Conservation Society has made our life easier by creating a website, a printed guide and now an iphone app to help the seafood lover make an informed decision about what they choose to buy and eat.

About Australia's Sustainable Seafood Online Guide
Australia's Sustainable Seafood Online Guide is an independent tool to choosing seafood wisely. It is Australia's first online resource for consumers seeking to make sustainable seafood choices. It was developed in response to growing public concern about overfishing and its impact on our oceans and their wildlife.

The website is full of really useful information that every eco-conscious seafood lover should invest some time at. It also includes a very concise listing of a wide range of seafood that is classified  as ' say no', 'think twice' and 'Better choice' and described in detail, so that you know whether the seafood is farmed, wild, Australian etc.

What's in the Guide
Australia's Sustainable Seafood Online Guide gives you an insight into the sustainability of over 100 seafood species commonly found at our fishmongers and in our supermarkets, fish and chip shops and restaurants. It includes assessments of Australian and imported fish species, including canned seafood. This Guide also includes important information about Australia's seafood industry, seafood and your health, seafood labelling, some of the common seafood myths and much more.


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