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The Human Nature of Unsustainability


Humans may pride themselves as being the best evidence for intelligent life on Earth, but an alien observer would record that the (un)sustainability conundrum has the global community floundering in a swamp of cognitive dissonance and collective denial...Indeed, our alien friend might go so far as to ask why our reasonably intelligent species seems unable to recognize the crisis for what it is and respond accordingly.

To begin answering this question, we need to look beyond conventional explanations--scientific uncertainty, societal inertia, lack of political will, resistance by vested interests, and so on--to what may well be the root cause of the conundrum: human nature itself.

Click below to watch this insightful interview with Professor Willian Rees of the Post Carbon Institute

And if you're interested in getting an in depth, read and download 'The Human Nature of Unsustainability' (The Post Carbon Reader Series: Culture and Behavior)

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