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The Ten Best Eco-Friendly Cars


The rise of environmental awareness in the last 5 years has driven a surge of demand to find eco-friendly alternatives to our worst ecological offenders. Transport emissions have been the source of much of the greenhouse gases that have contributed to global warming, so it is an obvious area for the research and development of greener ways for us to get about.

The benefits of Eco friendly cars are not limited to the feel good factor of reducing your carbon footprint, there are substantial financial benefits too. An eco friendly, green car could literally halve your weekly fuel bill, significantly reduce your tax, and insurance when taking out a policy with companies such as Budget Direct.

The fact that electric cars are the best environmentally friendly car option available is not in dispute. However, the cons of most electric vehicles are that their low speeds and recharging times mean that they have gained the reputation for being limited to city driving. So what are the best options for eco driving? Are hybrids or hydrogen cars in the running? Here we look at the top 10 eco-friendly cars around.

1. BMW ActivE Electric 1 Series Coupe with Zero co2 emissions. BMW announced the car to be 99 per cent similar to the petrol version of the 1 Series but with zero emissions and no exhaust pipe.

2. Honda Civic – Hybrid Car. The Honda Civic Hybrid still has a petrol engine, a small 1.4l, but emits only 109g/km of CO2, which is next to nothing compared to other cars of this size. This good looking saloon is a great ecological alternative for those, such as families, who still require a larger vehicle.

3. Citroen C-Zero – Eco Electric Car. The Citroen C-Zero produces zero Co2 emissions and is a 100 per cent battery-powered Electric Car.

4. Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is the first electric car to be mass produced. It’s roomy enough for a family, and incredibly economical to run.

5. Toyota Prius Plug In Hybrid Electric Charged Car. A version of the Toyota Prius hybrid with a larger battery that you can plug into the mains. This vehicle has zero Co2 Emissions

6. Vauxhall Ampera – Eco Electric Car. This Vauxhall is a fantastic looking vehicle that takes hybrid-electric powered cars to the next level.

7. Lexus CT Hybrid. This is the smallest and lightest vehicle from Lexus ever. It's designed to compete with the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3 and has company car buyers firmly in its sights.

8. Honda Jazz Hybrid. This hybrid Jazz maintains all the practical features of the existing Honda Jazz but has added environmentally friendly characteristics of a lower c02 emitting car.

9. Seat Ibiza Ecomotive. The SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive produces an impressive 92g/km, making it one of the greenest cars you can buy.

10. Toyota Auris Hybrid. This hybrid is chunky and modern in appearance. With a super-efficient diesel engine and hybrid power combined, it still manages to be nimble despite its generous size.


Experienced freelance writer, Lara Anderson, wrote this article. Lara specializes in providing useful and engaging advice on sustainable and eco-friendly issues.

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