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Tim Silverwood- Bag It Documentary


Tim Silverwood is a passionate surfer and environmentalist, earlier this year he embarked on a voyage sailing across 5000 km of ocean across the Pacific Ocean from Honolulu to Vancouver to research the floating plastic islands in the North Pacific Gyre or Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

He is now travelling around Australia sharing his experience and knowledge as well as showing films (Bag it Documentary & or One Beach Film) about the environmental impact that plastic is inflicting on to our beautiful world.

Here is a schedule of Tim's upcoming events:


Pittwater – 9th November 6.30pm - Newport Public School, Stuart St, Newport.

Stanmore - 10th November 6pm - Salisbury Hotel, 118 Percival Rd. Stanmore (organised by Marrickville City Council and their Plastic Bag Reduction Campaign)

Dudley (Newcastle) – 22nd November – 7.30pm – Dudley Public School Hall, Ocean St.

Cronulla – 23rd November – 7pm – El Sol Mexican Restaurant, Shop 2, 40 Kingsway, Cronulla.

Presentations Only – No Film

Taronga Zoo – 10th November – 14.30pm – Global Eco Asia-Pacific Eco Tourism Conference (tickets required)

Darling Harbour – 11th November – 13.00pm – Australian Waste and Recycling Expo, Sydney Convention Centre.

TEDx Newcastle - 12th November - Civic Theatre Playhouse, Newcastle, 4pm (tickets sold out but you can stream online or watch in a public venue in City Hall Newcastle (

Think we should host one near your house? Contact me for more info…


Mooloolaba – 15th November – Underwater World, 6pm - Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba.

Capalaba – 16th November – Redlands Indigiscapes Centre, 6.30pm – 17 Runnymede Rd, Capalaba


More info:

One Beach Film by Barefoot WIne

YouTube Video about the North Pacific Gyre by Alan Weisman

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