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UN World Water Day 2012 - Don't Let it Trickle by Unnoticed


The 22nd March is UN World Water Day. The day has been organised to promote the conservation of water around the world. With seven billion people on the planet (and many more coming), water is our most valuable resource.

Did you know that most of the water we use goes on feeding and processing livestock and crop irrigation? One kilo of beef requires 15,000 litres of water, while 1 kg of wheat drinks 1,500 litres! That means all those vegetables that wilt in the fridge drawer, or the left overs that are thrown away, are contributing to a lot of water being wasted.

We need to think more about changing our buying habits – only buy food you know will be eaten, and do the usual things for conserving water, such as buying water efficient appliances, taking shorter showers, washing the car less and perhaps invest in a water tank.

For more information visit The World Water Day 2012 website.

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