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Welcome to Coal World


Australia’s biggest contribution to global warming is our coal exports. While the Arctic ice reaches historic lows, Australia’s coal exports are reaching historic highs. Greenpeace’s investigative findings:

  • There are nine mega coal mines proposed here, five of which would be bigger than any mine currently operating in Australia.
  • If the coal from the Galilee mines is burned, it would produce over 700 million tonnes of carbon pollution a year - that’s bigger than the entire fossil fuel emissions of Australia, the UK or Canada.
  • These mines are the single biggest driver of industrialising the Great Barrier Reef. A series of coal ports are planned to be built and expanded, millions of tonnes of sea floor will be dredged and up to 10 000 coal ships will travel through World Heritage Area.
  • If we don’t reduce our emissions, sea temperatures will rise. If they rise by 2-3°C it would result in the annual bleaching of over 97% of the Reef. 

There is a movement of people taking action in this epic struggle to safeguard our precious Reef and the stability of our climate. 


Please help by signing the ‘Save our Reef’ petition now.

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