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Why eat local?


There are many, many reasons why eating local is better for you and the earth, here are some of the most important reason….

Grow your own and know what you’re eating
If you grow it you know what’s in it!

Enjoy fresher, tastier food in season
Seasonal fruits and vegetables taste better and is better for you. Its also cheaper!

Treat your food with respect
Growing your own helps you value your food and waste less. The average family throws away between $500- $2000 of food each year. Vegetables account for about 25% of this waste.

Reduce food miles & save energy, natural resources and your money
Millions of dollars are wasted on the transportation of food every year, not to mention the large amounts of carbon emissions which are released into the atmosphere unnecessarily. Be wise about where your food comes from, if you buy in season you reduce food miles and save money. Locally grown food wastes less energy and uses fewer resources. Buy locally!

Connect with your community
Join a community garden, go to your local farmers markets instead of the big supermarkets and get to know your local producers and keep wealth in your own area.

Support your local farmers
Don’t let the big supermarkets dominate the market and control the prices. Support our local farmers and local businesses. Industrial farming is bad for the environment and produces food that isn’t as healthy. Often containing nasty pesticides and fertilizers, which are bad for your health.

What do you think?