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EarthFirst releases first interactive environmental magazine for iPad

Issue 1 - ‘The Plastic Issue’ is available now in the Apple iTunes store

SYDNEY -ON - 21st February, 2012 - EarthFirst today announced the release of the first issue of its interactive environmental/health magazine. Earth First magazine is a highly visual and informative magazine aimed at everyday people who aren’t necessarily fanatical about green issues, but who care about the environment and want to contribute to cleaning up the planet and living healthier lives in small ways.

Do you think you can live without plastic for a day, let alone one week? Our first issue answers this question in an insightful article by Carol Warwick and we are introduced to the ‘pacific garbage patch’ in our interview with anti-plastic crusader Tim Silverwood. We have included interesting articles on health, gardening, eco-friendly fashion and an inspirational artist who turns plastic waste into aesthetic masterpieces. We also introduce some luscious organic and natural products for your entire body.

So who is behind Earth First? Sol Pandiella-McLeod was inspired to create EarthFirst after she struggled to find a website that allowed her to find eco products and environmental news all at the same destination. She wanted to provide a welcoming place where anyone could go and easily find green and earth safe products.

Sol is passionate about providing information to the average person, who is time poor and not fanatical, so they can make a small contribution to improving the health of the Earth, themselves and their families. Earth First achieves this by educating the reader as to what products are potentially damaging. As Sol says, “I want to help educate people about the toxic ingredients they are exposed to everyday. I want to provide them with a green guide that caters for every possible need in order to inspire them to do their little bit, no matter how small, because every little bit adds up to make a big difference.”

The magazine is available on for iPad and can be purchased from the iTunes store and is priced at $2.99 AUD.

For more information on Earth First and our magazine, please visit

EarthFirst is created by Ful-vue, a boutique web design studio located in Sydney, who specializes in creating design solutions for digital interfaces that are focused on creating great user experiences.

We can be contacted on 9267 6801, and


Earth First is Your Essential Health and Environmental Website


Ful-vue today unveiled its new environmentally focused website, EarthFirst.

EarthFirst offers a range of valuable information on health and environmental issues. EarthFirst has created this website to encourage the average person to do a little more for their and the planet’s health.

EarthFirst covers topics from environmentally friendly nappies to greenwashing and chemicals in a relatable, interesting way. EarthFirst also conducts road tests on different products to give the public an honest assessment of what’s good and what’s not. EarthFirst founder Sol Pandiella-McLeod says she wants Earth First to “help everyone live a healthier existence by empowering them with knowledge about the foods we consume, the products we put on our skin and the ways we can live a less impactful life on the earth.”

Whilst hoping to inspire as many people as possible, EarthFirst knows we don’t have to be extreme environmentalists to make a difference.

Ful-vue is a boutique design studio based in Sydney that specialises in creating innovative and strategic designs for the digital and printed mediums. EarthFirst is one of the growing list of self-funded projects created by Ful-vue. EarthFirst's mission is to be the most concise green guide of eco-friendly products, services and information on the Internet, which will inspire humans to live healthier lives and care for the wellbeing of our planet Earth.