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In recent times it has become clear that heating or re-heating food and drink in plastic bottles and containers is damaging to our health, because of the release of BPA (Bisphenol A) which mimics oestrogen.

If you don’t want this chemical in the food and drink of your children (or yourself) there are now fantastic options out there, including BPA free plastics, steel and glass containers and bottles.

Here is a list of companies that supply great looking, safe products and we are always adding to the list so there are lots to choose from.

  • BPA Free

    BPA Free

    BPAFree is the one stop shop for everything BPA free. Most of our products are designed for baby care but we also stock a wider range of BPA Free drink bottles that can be used by all ages.

    We responded to emerging medical and scientific evidence that BPA (Bisphenol-A) can have a harmful effect on your baby and you. While some countries have started to ban BPA and companies starting to develop ranges that do not contain BPA, we saw how difficult it was to navigate around jargon, brands, evidence and products to find the essentials for bringing up your baby. We have done the leg work for you and researched, tested and grouped together all of the leading BPA free products out there


    • BPA free baby bottles, BPA freezing and nursing, BPA containers, cutlery, cups, BPA free water bottles, BPA free baby and nursery needs.

  • 321 Water

    321 Water

    321 Water is the most stylish way to stay healthy and hydrated. Simply fill 321 Water from the tap then plunge with one fluid movement to create freshly filtered and great tasting water.

    321 Water evolved in response to a growing social awareness regarding the environmental impact of bottled water.

    321 Water is the first BPA-free bottle to be manufactured in Australia.


  • Cheeki


    The Cheeki range consists of bottles for kids, mums, dads, adults, sports people, coffee guzzlers and soup connoisseurs - and everyone else who wants a healthy, environmentally friendly container to drink from. Our Products are all built from premium grade 304 18/8 stainless steel BPA-free (Bisphenol A) use non-toxic inks multi-use - reducing the amount of plastic heading to land-fill no inside lining


    • Kids Bottles, 500ml, 750ml and IL bottles, sports bottle, insulated bottles, coffee mug, flasks and shakers.

  • Zenki Bottles

    Zenki Bottles

    Reusable drink bottles suitable for hot or cold liquids. Zenki's bottles are100% food grade stainless steel. Zenki caps for all our bottles are certified BPA and phthalate free.


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