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Carbon Emissions - Reduce or Offset, the Choice is Yours


Whether or not you believe in global warming, or climate change, it is irrefutable that carbon emissions pollute the air. This pollution affects the quality of the air we breathe, which is particularly bad for those with breathing problems, such as asthmatics. For those of us in Australia, it is worth reducing our carbon emissions because we are about to be subject to a Carbon Tax (see earlier article).

I had no idea how much carbon my daily car trips and electricity use added to the atmosphere, but I was able to find out by going to the carbon footprint calculator at the Carbon Footprint website. It was enlightening - I found out I don’t pollute as much as I thought (ok pat myself on the back), but I was horrified to see the average emissions of Australians, compared to the world target – we are polluting like there’s no tomorrow.

The other great thing this site has is the ability to offset the carbon emissions you are creating. There are a number of initiatives you can choose (they cost money of course) to make up for the pollution you create. From contributing to research into cleaner energy production, to reforestation in needy communities, there are many enterprises to support.

If you want to reduce your carbon emissions there are a lot of simple, little things you can do. Have shorter showers, ride a bike for short trips (ie to the corner shop), wear warmer clothes in winter and turn lights off when you’re not in the room. Visit this website  for a more comprehensive list.

So, you now have two choices – reduce your emissions to reach world targets, or get your wallet out and assuage your guilt by helping others create a healthier planet. 

What do you think?