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    Greenfleet exists to make a difference, not a profit.
    Greenfleet is a non-profit organisation, encouraging people to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and then offset any remaining emissions by planting biodiverse native forests through Greenfleet’s tax deductible offset program.

    With the help of Greenfleet’s voluntary offset program, you can easily reduce your car’s impact on the environment. For less than the price of a tank of fuel, Greenfleet will plant Australian native trees as part of a biodiverse forest to offset the emissions of an average medium car for one year. The resulting forests will also tackle salinity, reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and provide essential habitat for native wildlife.

    Greenfleet also plants native forests to offset the emissions generated by air travel, household and business energy use.

    Visit Greenfleet's website to find out how you can make a positive difference for the environment.


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