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Chemeleon Featured in the Sunday Telegraph


I apologise in advance for the shameless self-promotion but sometimes after all the blood, sweat and tears you put into something a little self comforting is required ;-)

We've been receiving a lot of great feedback about our food additve iPhone app. I'm so glad that it's helping people make healthier food choices, it's certainly influenced me in my purchasing decisions a lot since I've been using it. 

On the weekend my sister phoned me to let me know that it was featured in the Sunday Telegraph in the Miranda Kerrs top apps article featured in the Body and Soul excerpt. So we quickly rushed out to get the paper, even though I've been reading my news online for over year now to cut back on paper usage. Sometimes there are exceptions! 

So here is a snap I took of the article. It's also helped to boost our sales and we're back in the top 10 best grossing apps in iTunes!!

And if you haven't already done so please consider purchasing it to help support EarthFirst!

Body and Soul- Sunday Telegraph - Mirand Kerrs top 10 apps features chemeleon


Chemeleon top 10 top grossing apps in australia


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