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Chi Coconut Water Road Test


We recently had the delicious pleasure of road testing a new healthy beverage on the market called Chi 100% Pure Coconut Water.

Anyone who is a fan of Coconut will love this refreshing drink, not just because it tastes good but also because its super healthy.

Chi 100% Pure Coconut Water has no added sugar or preservatives. Its high in potassium and packed with electrolytes, which apparently are great at keeping the body rehydrated. It also contains calcium and magnesium.

What I really liked about this drink is that it was refreshing and light on flavor. Some coconut drinks that I’ve had in the past are too sweet, or come with coconut jelly blobs that float around and feel weird once they land in your mouth. Chi tastes healthy and I much prefer it to drinking a fruit juice.
Another bonus is that its low in calories and is fat free.

Chi is beverage with an ethical conscious; some of proceeds are donated to the One Seed One Life Charity Foundation, which supplies orphanages all over Thailand with funding for much needed supplies.

For your convenience, it comes in 1 litre packs and also smaller 330ml. Chi Coconut water is available all over Australia, for a full list of suppliers click here  or you can purchase directly from their website

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