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  • Grassroots EcoStore

    Grassroots EcoStore

    At Grassroots Ecostore we are passionate about bringing beautiful, chic, quality, sustainable and eco friendly products to our customers while offering these at great value!

    We do not want eco products to be seen as expensive or suitable only for a particular taste. Lets face it - the more eco products that are purchased by the community, the better is our health, the health and livelihhod of the producers, farmers and artisans and the health and sustainability of our planet.


  • Eco Christmas Trees

    Eco Christmas Trees

    Eco Christmas Trees is teh eco friendly choice for your Christmas tree. A living growing fresh gorwing potted tree providing the real Christmas experience without cutting down a tree. You choose how long you need the tree for or you can opt to buy one.


  • No tox box

    No tox box is the perfect sample box for trying healthy, green, more conscious products before deciding if you want to buy them. Our box contains samples of natural, organic, ecofriendly and ethical products delivered to you every month.

    Our team has tested them, read the labels, talked to the suppliers and checked off the businesses against our values. We've handpicked the best and delivered them straight to you every month. You decide what works best for you, take the time to read the ingredients, do your research, review and share the love of your best products, then go on to buy the full sized products if you like them. Easy!


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