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Deceptive Product of the week- Bulla Vanilla Ice Cream


I don't know about you, but I’m getting increasingly angry at the misleading labels that appear on food packaging! Do they think consumers are actually that stupid!

This week I discovered that Bulla Vanilla Ice cream contains 5 additives and one of them is carcinogenic! Yet the packaging contains a nice big label featuring the following " No artificial colorus or flavours" with blue ticks!

If you read the ingredients you will find a total of 5 additives, yes not one but 5! Emulsifiers 1404, 1440, 412 and 407.

Two of these additives are labeled red which is harmful on the Chemeleon app and one is orange (which means you should be cautious, as not enough info is available to rank it red.

Now let me tell you about what these numbers actually contain and what they may do to you…

Thickener 1404- Bleached with Sulphur Dioxide which can be harmful to asthmatics. High concentrations can cause diarrhea, kidney defects in animals.

Thickener 412-  can cause nausea, flatulence and cramps.

Thickener 407 – red label – highly carcinogenic and has been linked to cancer and ulcers. Not recommended in large quantities for young children.

Thickener 1440- relatively new additive that does not contain enough research, can affect the digestion of food in the intestines. 

Emulsifier 471

Flavour is not labeled so consumers have no idea what this might contain. So what are they trying to hide? why not tell consumers in the ingredients what the flavour is??

In order to help increase awareness of misleading products, I’ve decided that every week I will try to feature a ‘Deceptive Product  of the week’  if you know of any culprits please email me.

Think twice about purchasing this product, I know I wont be!

What do you think?