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Home & Garden / Eco Cleaning products

We are slowly realising that many of the products we have been using to clean our homes and our clothes contain substances and chemicals that are detrimental not only to our health, but to that of the environment.

At EarthFirst, we have made it our mission to provide you with links to safer cleaning products, so it’s easier to do your little bit.

If you know of any household cleaning products, washing up or laundry detergents that aren’t featured in the green guide, that are safe and chemical free, please let us know.

  • Natures Organics

    Natures Organics

    At Natures Organics, our motivation is based on a philosophy of creating environmentally responsible products, of the best quality, at the lowest possible price. Not only to make them more readily affordable to Australian families, but to actually reward and provide incentive for people to do the right thing, in protecting our planet - and make the important shift to more eco-sensitve alternatives.

    No Parabens or petrochemicals, biodegradable and plant based packaging that is easily composted.


  • Eco Store

    Eco Store

    ecostore is a values based company, that aims to bring the most natural skincare and green cleaning products that we can without the use of unnecessary or unsafe chemicals. We believe in using the minimum number of raw materials required to achieve the best results. Along with skincare products and everyday cleaning supplies ecostore now develops and manufactures more than 100 plant and mineral based products which also includes haircare and babycare.


  • Nature Direct

    Nature Direct

    We offer a unique range of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and disinfectants created by nature. Our products are: - Effective and powerful - Affordable - Safe, sustainable and non hazardous - Available exclusively via our Show 'n' Go presentations and delivered straight to your door. The secret of our products success lies in the revolutionary formula. Developed by scientists in Switzerland, now manufactured right here in Australia. Protect your family, your home, pets and our environment from the impact of insidious chemicals. Today you have a choice when it comes to cleaning products. At Nature Direct, we believe that the journey towards a healthier and safer future for ourselves and our world begins with a single step. Nature Direct is your first step in the right direction.


  • Yes 2 Green

    Yes 2 Green

    Yes 2 Green is a eco friendly company that wholesales and distributes products for the Car, Home, Health and Wellbeing. Our products include the Oko Pack Range which includes a wash ball that does not need detergent with Dryer Ball and Eco Friendly Stain Remover, the Kuvings Silent Juicer that is very quiet easy to clean and extracts 30% more juice from the fruit. Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract that is Australian made, tastes great with many health benefits, just to name a few. Contact us on to find your nearest Health Food Store or Pharmacy that stock our products.


    • Oko Detergent Free Laundry Ball, Kuvings Silent Juicer, Koroneiki Olive Leaf Extract, Dryer Ball, Eco Stain Remover

  • Todae


    Large range of ecologically sustainable products and services from super efficient LED lighting to carbon offsets, eco homewares and energy & water saving products. Our range of eco products will help you to live life to its fullest and make a real and lasting difference Choose from over 2,500 products.


    • - Solar Power - Energy Efficient & LED Lighting - Business & Home Assessments - Energy Saving - Water Saving - Household Consumables (such as cleaning and body care) - Eco Baby & kids - Office Products and Stationery

  • Ecoballs


    Ecozone is an international company that designs and produces ecological cleaning products, energy saving products and gadgets Ecoballs replace laundry detergent, they are reusable for up to 150 washes costing as little as 7p per wash. Ecoballs are a hypoallergenic, natural alternative to conventional washing detergents and are ideal for sensitive skins. Their scientifically formulated filling penetrates powerfully into fibres, lifting away dirt without fading colours or damaging delicate fabrics. Other products include magnoball, toilet smellkiller, biobulb, ecoStapler and more innovative products.


  • Exception- Steam Mop

    Exception- Steam Mop

    Smart Living Steam Mop saves money and the environment. Exception's Smart Living Steam Mop is 100% chemical free - get your floors sparkling without the need for expensive and toxic chemicals that damage our planet.


  • Method Products

    Method Products

    We believe green products must come from green companies. That's why at method, we are always looking for ways to not just make our products greener. The first step of this vision is the responsibility to ensure that our products truly strive for sustainability.


    • Eco cleaning products for bathroom, laundry, hand care, dish washing, eco wood, glass, floor, stainless steel, leather cleaner, detox home cleaning kit.

  • Sodasan


    Environmentally-protective-laundering-washing-cleaning. Sodasan productsy are easy to use, effective and productive in cleaning performance, and save resources and water.

    We do not use detergents of petrochemical origin or substances which have been produced through genetic engineering. Wherever possible, we use soap as the washing substance closest to nature, which guarantees a simple return into the natural cycle.

    Liquid soap products are produced in our factory using a special low-temperature method according to the criteria of soft chemistry. This manufacturing process is waste-free.


    • Ecological bleaching agent and stain remover, ecological washing powder, ecological laundry detergent, wool and delicates laundry detergent, soap bars, disinfectant, bath and shower cleaner, scouring milk, WC cleaner, organic vegetable oil soap, dishwashing detergent, dishwasher tabs.

  • Sonett


    Sonett has been a pioneer in organic washing powders and cleaners since 1977. Sonett creates Organic soaps and detergents protecting natural water resources, the essence of life.


    • Eco laundry detergents, stain removers, fabric softners, wool care and ironing aid, household multi surface cleaners, bathroom cleaners, dishwashing liquid, detergents and rinse aid, personal care bar soaps and liquid soaps, natural range detergents and hand soap, pumps, taps and dispensers.