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Food & Beverage / Eco-Concious Restaurants & Cafes

  • Fish & Co

    Fish & Co

    Fish & Co are a sustainable seafood cafe based in Annandale (Sydney, Australia). All their fish and seafood are wild fish from sustainable sources  from Australia and New Zealand. So that we can help  protect the future of our oceans and our love of fish.


  • The Dispensary

    The Dispensary

    'the dispensary' a unique, sensory store filled with a delightful selection of wonderful gifts combined with a vibrant cafe in Highett, Bayside Melbourne.

    'the dispensary' is owned and run by Aaron Wilson and Robyn Johnson. The duo design, create and source everything for their store. 

    The criteria for creation and selection includes consideration with regards to quality, ethics, sustainability, originality and value for money.
    The small store proudly stocks a wide range of Australian made, fair-trade, all natural and organic products.

    Wilson and Johnson bought the property just over a year ago with the strong desire to live and work with a small footprint. They live, work and create in the 1949 building that was originally a Chemist. The Highett Village in which they reside is a stone's throw from the train station, so when they moved in, they sold one of their cars and commute on foot, bike or by train as often as possible. The couple have transformed the once bare garden with a wide variety of plants including fruit trees, vegetables and herbs.

    Many of the items in the store have been designed and created by the team including accessories and fashion label ˜sonson™, decorative metalwork, ˜Twirly Girl™ girls™ skirts, toys, cards and stationery, candles, room sprays and oil blends and Chai tea blends.


    • sonson accessories and fashion Designed + handcrafted + one-of-a-kind + Australian made + owned. Proudly making a big impact with a small footprint. Available exclusively from 'the dispensary

  • Iku wholefood

    Iku wholefood

    Iku Wholefood was founded on the premise that if you eat a balanced diet, you will have a balanced life. At Iku our wholefood is prepared as close as possible to its natural state, nutritious ingredients with all their goodness intact. We strive to use organic and high quality local ingredients whenever possible.


  • Mondo Organics

    Mondo Organics

    Opened in 2000, Mondo restaurant, catering and cooking school was inspired by a concern about the increasing use of chemical pesticides, preservatives and genetically-modified additives in everyday foods. Mondo understands the superior taste of organic foods. We are dedicated to sourcing the highest quality produce available. LOCATION: 166 Hardgrave Road West End Queensland 4101


  • Peasants Feast

    Peasants Feast

    Our food organic, low in salt & sugar, completely free of artificial chemicals & synthetically altered fats. We specialise in allergy free foods, which exclude wheat gluten, dairy, egg, nut, soy, salicylates, amines & monosodium glutamate. LOCATION: 121a King St Newtown NSW


  • Agape




  • MUMU grill

    MUMU grill

    MUMU Grill is Sydney's only sustainable steakhouse and home of Sydney's first Jamon bar. MUMU Grill hosts producer dinners as well as slow food events as we are a member of the slow food movement. Location: 70 Alexander st Crows Nest NSW


  • Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen

    Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen

    This is one of my favorite eating spots, which just happens to be down the road from my office! The first time I experienced Mother Chus delicious Chinese cuisine was over 10 years ago and I still keep going back. Don


  • Wine Odyssey Australia

    Wine Odyssey Australia

    The Wine Odyssey Restaurant & Wine Bar unabashedly delivers everything there is to love about wine and restaurant dining. Serves Gluten free available, Modern Australian, Organic, Wine Bar LOCATION: The Rocks Sydney


  • Biota Dining

    Biota Dining

    Biota is a unique and exciting restaurant located in Bowral in the Southern Highlands. Biota is a dining experience supporting both local farmers and growers, focusing on seasonal botanicals in all aspects of its menus and environment. They even have their own onsite glasshouse with fully automated misting system for propagation of seeds and shoots with a vegetable and herb garden with over 50 varieties of seasonal botanicals - amranth and elderflower. LOCATION: Bowral, NSW