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  • Ambient Bamboo Flooring

    Ambient Bamboo Flooring

    Ambient Bamboo Flooring was created to give homeowners an eco-friendly, durable, and high- quality hardwood flooring option. For these reasons, bamboo flooring has become one of the most popular hardwood flooring selections being installed today. Check it out for more information! Ambient Bamboo is an American based company, but we do ship nation wide!


  • Eco Flooring Systems

    Eco Flooring Systems

    Eco Flooring Systems Pty Limited is the exclusive importer and distributor of BT Bamboo and BT Strand flooring and accessories in Australia. Our suppliers are environmentally accredited ensuring a non-toxic and waste free manufacturing process. All the glues used to laminate the boards and the coatings meet international environmental standards - ISO 14000 and E1. The coatings are water based and are free of halogenated hydrocarbons, heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, formaldehyde and any harmful emission complying with international standards. All packaging is all reusable and environmentally sound using recycled materials.


  • Godfrey Hirst Carpets

    Godfrey Hirst Carpets

    Godfrey Hirst eco+® marks the next generation in carpet. It's the small steps we make today that help preserve the environment for our children tomorrow. Godfrey Hirst eco+ is an Australian made triexta carpet manufactured with Sorona® polymer. Derived from natural corn sugar, the polymer in Godfrey Hirst eco+ carpet places less reliance on non-renewable resources than other synthetic fibres and generates less greenhouse gas emissions to produce.


  • Bamboo Floors Gold Coast

    Bamboo Floors Gold Coast

    "Bamboo Floors" offers an Environment-friendly product which can be simply affordable by any person. It offers their expert services for both business oriented and home-based requirements. It gives magnificent and stylish appearance to you houses. For more information visit our website.


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  • Harmony Flooring

    Harmony Flooring

    Timber Floor coverings have amazing benefits over other flooring option like: Easy to Clean and maintain, Eco-friendly and cost-effective and Easy to install. For more details for Timber floor coverings advantages visit harmony Timber Floors.


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