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Food & Beverage

Food, glorious food!  It's wonderful to see so many cooking shows on television these days; I believe that it's having a positive impact on most peoples' culinary experiences. I don't know the stats, but I'm pretty sure that the rise in home cooking has increased over the last few years.

Thanks to the ever increasing amount of celebrity chefs, gourmet cooking has entered more kitchens in Australia than ever before, and introduced a greater variety of ingredients into our meals.

It's also getting easier and easier to find organic ingredients. We've listed some stores, that stock these, here in the Green guide, including: organic wines, organic produce, and even a list of restaurants that are now catering for the eco-conscious diner.

Bon Apetit and remember:

  • Buy seasonal produce - it's better for you, it will save you money and help save the earth.
  • Try to reduce the amount of meat that you eat in a week
  • Purchase Australian seafood and watch out for fish farmed produce.
  • If you can, buy organic
  • Plan your menus and buy only what you need. it will help reduce waste. 
  • Get a compost bin or worm farm.
  • Cook more meals from scratch and avoid the lazy cooks alternatives (frozen dinners, meals from packets and jars, and yes, that includes cake mixes)

  • Mama Chia

    Mama Chia

    Mama Chia provides high quality organic produce, raw whole foods and health services that are affordable and life changing. We are an organic fruit and vegetable and produce shop, specialising in raw and superfoods.


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  • Tahitian Gold

    Tahitian Gold

    Tahitian Gold's 100 % organically certified Noni Juice helps nourish and maintain a healthy body. Noni Juice contains more than 150 supporting nutraceuticals including vitamins, enzymes, and powerful anti-oxidants.


  • Cooee Water

    Cooee Water

    Looking for water filters, drinking water coolers or water purifiers in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast? Our Purified Water, supplies commercial and residential drinking water filters, coolers and purifiers in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.


  • Byron Gourmet Pies

    Byron Gourmet Pies

    At Byron Gourmet Pies, we believe convenience foods needn’t be unhealthy and that gourmet food doesn’t have to be expensive. Too often, stores sell over-priced, uninspiring food items that are made from over-processed and non-nutritious ingredients. We know it’s possible to provide easy to prepare, healthy and delicious tasting foods that everyone in the family will enjoy, and this is precisely what we do, every day, at Byron Gourmet Pies.


  • Red Dragon Organic Ginger Beer

    Red Dragon Organic Ginger Beer

    Red Dragon Inn is an independant familly owned and opperated business with a rich history stretching back almost thirty years. Now a certified organic processor (Certified by NASAA P2567) with strong commitment to providing healthy certified organic drinks.


  • Fish & Co

    Fish & Co

    Fish & Co are a sustainable seafood cafe based in Annandale (Sydney, Australia). All their fish and seafood are wild fish from sustainable sources  from Australia and New Zealand. So that we can help  protect the future of our oceans and our love of fish.


  • Matt's Munchies

    Matt's Munchies

    Matt’s Munchies are all natural Premium Fruit Snacks that are made with pure, wholesome ingredients – you can really taste the difference!

    Matt's Munchies are Premium Fruit Snacks handmade in the USA. Available in 11 distinctively delicious flavours and all less then 100 calories per pack. Convenient, tasty and nutritious they are perfect for snacking on the go or anytime at all!

    Matt's Munchies are Certified Gluten-Free; Certified Vegan; Certified Organic by USDA (excluding 3 chocolate flavours), Certified Kosher Pareve, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives; free of soy, dairy and nuts; and contain natural sugars (excluding 3 chocolate flavours).


    • Fruit snacks available in 11 flavours including island mango, apple-licious, chico-nana, raspberry delight, Mango acai, tangy apricot, ginger spice, banana, mango.

  • Chi Coconut Water

    Chi Coconut Water

    Coconut water in the water that is in young coconuts. Its not coconut milk. It is of water consistency. When you open a young coconut it pours straight out.Coconut water hold natural electrolytes and will hydrate your body at least 4 times better than water. That is why it is known as a great hang over cure. Also fabulous for nausea, vomiting, toilet bugs. If you have a kiddy with a tummy bug try getting them to sip on some of this stuff of freeze it down into icy poles.

    Coconut water is low in fat and calories, has no cholesterol and has a natural balance of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium - making it the wonder drink it is. Chi coconut water is 100% pure, full of all its natural vitamins, nutrients, sugars, minerals, and salts and can be enjoyed by any age group! Chi coconut water has only 1.2grams of Natural sugar, this is fantastic as other brands in Australia have over 4.5grams per 100ml.  Also, Chi have the re sealable cap on the 330ml which is unique in Australia as well as the 1 litre version.

    Chi Coconut water has also set up a Charity "One Seed" where proceeds of the sale of Chi Coconut water go to helping the children of Thailand.


  • Honest to Goodness Organic Food & Natural Food

    Honest to Goodness Organic Food & Natural Food

    As one of Australia's leading certified organic suppliers, we are passionate about healthy food, produced by sustainable means and are committed to the supply of great tasting wholefoods that don't cost the earth. It is more what you won’t find in our food that makes us different. We distribute all over Australia.


    • Organic baking ingredients, beans, peas, pulses, biodynamic, cereals, rolled grains and muesli, chocolate, cocoa, carob, cacao, cookbooks, crackers and corn cakes, dried fruits, fair trade, flours & meals, gluten green grains, health & beauty, juice and drinks, non dairy milk, nuts.

  • The Australian Carob Co.

    The Australian Carob Co.

    Our carob is 100% Australian grown, and processed and packed on farm. Carob is normally planted for the seed which is a valuable emulsifier, but due to us selecting carob trees based on the great tasting pods they produce we have now been able to produce carob products which taste great. Our goal is to have the best tasting carob products in the World!