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  • Greenbo


    Greenbo is new concept of eco-living, made from high quality UV protected Polypropylene with patented rail stability design for growing flowers or organic herb and vegetable gardens without any screws, nails or brackets; which means no more rusting and damages to walls, banisters and fences.

    It's sharp and modern design comes in 10 different colours from contemporary to pop and funky range.

    With a patented built-in draining solution (two removable, cleanable, and replaceable trays), it is the perfect answer to a modern urban living lifestyle. Greenbo XL Designer Rail & Deck Window box awarded at the red dot award: product design 2012.


  • Garden Up

    Garden Up

    Garden Up - versatile and stylish vertical gardens for growing abundant food in small spaces.

    Crafted from anodised aluminium, each Garden Up features interconnected irrigation and soil drainage with good soil depth for deep root growth, while maximising horizontal space for thriving plants. Your Garden Up is easily secured to any wall or vertical structure and easy to maintain for flourishing plants. 1,000mm H x 800mm W x 200mm D.

    Your Garden Up will transform your balcony or courtyard into a flourishing garden of abundant accessible fresh food.


  • Cityfood Growers

    Cityfood Growers

    Cityfood Growers provides services and knowledge to support the transformation of our food system to be more local and organic. Our business empowers people living in around cities with knowledge so they can be more productive at growing their own food. We facilitate local and global connections between food gardeners and provide a vehicle for consumers to find locally grown food via our online local growers market. Home grown food movement. Tips and info on how to grow your own.

  • Gardening for Kids

    Gardening for Kids

    Gardening 4 Kids launched in October 2010. It is the brainchild of Caroline Roberts, a primary school gardening teacher who grew up surrounded by family and friends with beautiful vegie patches and wonderful gardens. Caroline’s work as a primary school environmental educator and gardening specialist has seen her spend many hours teaching children about the wonders of gardening and nature.

    Her goal is to grow Gardening 4 Kids to become a one-stop shop for products that encourage children to develop their natural wonder of the environment and to foster ‘fun in the garden for a healthy and sustainable future’.


  • Heathcote Seeds

    Heathcote Seeds

    Heathcote Seeds is a family run company based in the heartland of Victoria. Heathcote Seeds offer a wide variety of top quality plant seeds, including herbs, vegetables and native Australian plants.


    • Herb seeds,vegeatble seeds, native australian plant seeds,flower seeds. Australian natives, bush tucker, cacti and succulents, chillies, decidious trees, grains and grasses.

  • Tumbleweed


    Tumbleweed is a privately owned Australian company with a global presence. Our vision is to make a significant contribution to our earth’s environmental sustainability by designing and manufacturing innovative products that encourage consumers of all ages to reduce, re-use and recycle organic waste.

    All of our compost binsand worm farms are affordable, fun and simple to use - and naturally, they’re made to last from 100% recycled plastic…because, your earth matters!


    • Compost bins in 220L, 400L and 220L, composting accessories, compost aerator, compost mate, worm farms, worm factory, can o worms, worm cafe, worm farm accessories.

  • M2 Greener Living Solutions

    M2 Greener Living Solutions

    One stop shop for sustainable solutions.


    • Solar power, hot water systems, rainwater tanks, led lighting, underground water tanks, bladder tanks, pumps, pool & spa equipment, grey water system, garden beds and pots, clotheslines, etc.

  • Irrigation & Water Technologies

    Irrigation & Water Technologies

    Irrigation & Water Technologies designs and manufactures highly efficient water-saving irrigation systems. Perfect for Australian conditions, IWT systems include the award winning KISSS Subsurface Textile Irrigation system. With a Smart Approved Watermark, KISSS is suitable for backyard lawns and gardens, commercial turf (such as sports fields), agriculture, public parks and more. KISSS: - uses up to 60% less water than sprinklers. - uses 25% less water than subsurface drip systems. - is highly compatible with recycled water (even without treatment). - can be run while the surface is in use. KISSS requires no nasty herbicides to stop roots growing into the system and creating blockages, unlike other subsurface irrigation systems. KISSS is also a long-term solution that does not need replacing every few years, like sprinklers and other surface systems exposed to the sun.


    • Highly efficient water-saving irrigation systems including: KISSS Subsurface Textile Irrigation, Pot Minder, Ebb & Flow Mats

  • Growzay Aquaponics

    Growzay Aquaponics

    AQUAPONICS is a closed loop ecosytem that combines aquaculture and hydroponics. It's the combination of Aquatic farming of fish and growing gardens simultaneous within a single system. Both fish and the plant kingdom share a very special relationship when they're combined for the purpose of growing food aquaponically.

    The fish provide the nutrients through waste being converted by bacteria into plant available nutrients.

    Custom installation of the Growzays Aquaponics System. We offer a DIY instructional DVD step by step on how to build your own Growzay Aquaponic System


    • -Custom installation of the Growzays Aquaponics System. -DIY instructional DVD step by step on howto build your own Growzay Aquaponic System

  • UBeauty pots and plants

    UBeauty pots and plants

    UBeauty Pots & Plants is an Australian business promoting re-tread tyre pots for sale, at wholesale prices. Our mission is to promote innovative products made from sustainable energy and or recycled materials that are safe for the environment.