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Green Things You Can Do In Your Community


What can you do: For your Community?


Here are some articles and tips that you can use to make a difference in your community...

It's Autumn and Walnuts are in Season!

It’s Autumn and Walnuts are in season! I think we often forget that nuts like fruit and vegetables are best eaten seasonally. Walnuts are a super nut and considered the best plant source of protein. There’s a decade worth of scientific studies that prove that a diet rich in walnuts can more

  • Buy fruits and veggies that are in season
  •  Say no to plastic bags and use your own reusable bags
  • Donate old clothes to charity or sell them online
  • Teach kids to care for the world.
  • Teach kids to save water.
  • Don’t throw away your unwanted goods, have a garage sale or give it to goodwill.
  • Shop at second hand stores once in a while.
  • Buy organic products from your local farmers markets. Organic is best for your body and the earth.
  • Support eco-friendly organisations
  • Participate in Earth hour
  • Buy locally
  • Join the library for the latest books – saves you buying them only to store them in your cupboard once you have read them
  • Host a clothing swap party. Invite all your friends to bring their unwanted clothes and trade!
  • Put together a kids’ clothing exchange at your church, neighborhood association or scouting troop. Then let the kids show off their wardrobe-swap favorites at a fashion show.

Earth Hour 2012: Saturday 31st March, 8:30pm

Earth Hour is a unique opportunity for everyone to become more sustainable and do something positive for the environment. It’s been the source of inspiration for hundreds of millions of people taking steps towards a cleaner, safer future. more

EarthFirst iPad Magazine: Issue 1

Over the last few months we've been putting all our creative juices into the creation of our very first iPad magazine. The first issue features heaps of interesting articles, interviews, plastic facts, an eco fashion spread, a product guide for your whole body and lots more. Hours of entertainment all for the price of a cup of coffee! Help support EarthFirst and buy it now from iTunes.

So what is fairtrade?

In a world where economics rules everything and many people suffer working long hours for very little money, the concept of fair trade is an important one. Fair trade seeks to improve working conditions for those in third world countries more

Australia's Sustainable Living Festival

From the 11th to the 26th of February, Melbourne is holding the Sustainable Living Festival. This dynamic festival, which started in 1998, aims to encourage ecological and social sustainability no matter where you live. more

Farmers Markets

Every dollar that we spend on food has an impact on environment, your health and the sustainability of the Australian food industry as well as our farmers and producers. more