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Home & Garden

Reuse, reduce and recycle

The next time you're having a clean up, consider donating some of your unwanted items to charity.  If you're looking for a bargain or something different, why not check out the local second-hand store or antique shops and markets.

Home paints, stains and varnishes

Exterior and interior paints can be very  toxic. Some containing lead, VOCs (volatile organic compounds which contain chlorinated or hydrocarbon solvents) and other toxic fumes, that are both damaging to the environment and our wellbeing. These toxic fumes can trigger headaches, asthma, nausea and long term exposure can result in nerve damage and reproductive disorders.

The good news is, there are a wide variety of environmentally responsible house paints and wood varnishes available that are non toxic, so the next time you renovate keep that in mind.

Carpets & the alternatives

Carpets emit large amounts of chemicals including formaldehyde and VOCs from backing materials, adhesives and underlay. Treatments such as stain guarding, fire retardants and moth proofing are also applied, and these chemicals are released indoors.

Carpets also act as ‘sinks’ for other pollutants such as pesticides and heavy metals. Babies and children in close contact with the floor are at high risk of exposure. Natural flooring materials such as sisal and jute can be used instead of carpets for warmth and noise reduction.

  • Organic Bed Threads

    Organic Bed Threads

    We produce ethical bed linen of beautiful quality and durability. Our speciality is duvet/doona cover sets for all family members of Australian and international bed sizing. Made by certified organic cotton via Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and fair trade standards via International Labour Organisation. Designed in Australian and handmade by Indian artisan revival techniques and women's groups of wood block printing, applique and hand embroidery. Our fabrics, dyes and threads are free from chemicals

    From seed to shelf, we can assure you that all production phases are transparent, in keeping with certified organic and fairer trade policies. Built on the belief that trade has the ability to transform communities and positively impact lives, Organic Bed Threads is all about moving towards artisans and away from factories.

    We are part of the slow fashion movement and are on track to creating an innovative socially responsible business that gives consumers a new opportunity to use their everyday choices for positive social impact.


    • Certified organic cotton & fair trade handmade Duvet/Doona/Quilt Cover Sets, Single Double Queen King Sizes for Australian & International Bed Sizes.

  • Kapok Pillows

    Kapok Pillows

    Kapok is resistant to mites, mold and mildew so it's hygienic, non-toxic, hypo allergenic and environmentally friendly. Miraculous silky kapok fibre is one of the few sustainable rainforest crops, because the tree grows naturally and needs no cultivation or irrigation. Harvesting the kapok fibre also creates sustainable jobs for local communities. In many ancient cultures it was revered as a substance with spiritual, even magical qualities and was thought to enhance dreams.

    Our kapok is harvested from the kapok trees of Java Indonesia because that this is where the best kapok in the world is grown. The pods are collected from the trees by local farmers, the silky floss taken out and the seeds removed. There are no pesticides or chemicals used on the kapok at any stage.

    We have two choices of pillow shells to choose from. Exclusive bamboo or cotton. Both are certified organic and have zips at the short end for your convenience.


  • Moonlit Sleep

    Moonlit Sleep

    Moonlit Sleep is a collection of organic cotton bedding for children. GOTS certified. Coloured with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes. Ethically and sustainably made. Gentle on delicate skin and kind on the environment. Sweet Dreams in Organic Cotton


  • All Eco

    All Eco

    Our product range is either predominantly Australian made and certified organic, or low-impact on the environment and handcrafted or contains recycled elements. We are trying our best to get a broad section of eco products to you.


    • Organic fabric and yarn, accessories, organic bed and bath recycled products.

  • State of green

    State of green

    State of Green was created from a love of stylish and unique home and baby products, an interest in innovative design and a desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


  • Organature


    Organic items for the bedroom, the bathroom, the nursery and the wardrobe. Some of the naturally produced fabrics, fillings, bedding, manchester and clothing in the Organature range, are made from exclusive Australian Organic Cotton, grown by non-toxic methods and using only that water which falls directly from the sky


  • The Really Green Shop

    The Really Green Shop

    The Really Green Shop offers a diverse rang of amazingly green products that will enable you to live a really green life.

    Established in 2011 in Melbourne our mission is to source and supply only the most environmentally friendly and highest quality products possible for the home.

    Be sure to check out our new website and check back often as we are always new and exciting eco friendly products to our range.


  • Bambi


    A family-owned Australian company Bambis eco-friendly range uses sustainable materials in its range of pillows, quilts, mattress and pillow protectors. The company uses renewable materials, such as plantation-grown eucalyptus, corn and bamboo.


  • Bumble


    Our beautiful 100% pure Australian Beeswax candles with pure cotton wicks are individually handmade from our Sydney studio. Our candles are naturally fragrant, with a subtle honey aroma and produce a bright, steady and beautiful flame.

    Unlike other natural candles on the market place, our products are environmentally sustainable, locally sourced and contain no: Paraffins, Palm Wax, Soy Wax, Bleach, Synthetic fragrances, Synthetic colourants, Toxic fumes.


    • Votives, Wedding Candles, Tealights, Hand-rolled Pillars, solid pillars, wedding cake, christmas tree

  • Strawlicious


    Glass straws for juices and smoothies. Heaps of beautiful designs and colours.

    Reusable, non toxic and FUN!

    Wholesale and bulk orders accepted